Interruption and Renewal

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States.  Activity on this site is going to be at a bare minimum for a few days.  I’ll post my review for the next Sherlock Holmes story this Friday, and my next chapter post for The Silmarillion on Sunday.  That’s likely to be the only things posted this week.  I trust that’s enough for now?

I’d like to promise that I’m working on all these other things for various other project blogs on this site.  I’m really not.  Between the upcoming holiday and some craziness on my side of the screen, a lot of nothing has happened.  I’ve made a halfhearted attempt at Shakespeare’s Richard III.  This play deserves so much more of my attention than I can offer at the moment, so I’ve temporarily set it aside.  Mostly I’ve been listening to a wide variety of music lately, while trying to locate what’s left of my sanity at the eye of a maelstrom of stupid that never ceases to stop circulating.  Clearly what’s needed is an interruption to that cycle.  I’ve enlisted top bounty hunters and assassins to locate and eliminate the drama llama that’s causing all the chaos.  I suspect there may actually be more than one drama llama, but it’s hard to tell.  They seem to linger at the edge of perception.

Disintegrations are encouraged and pay double with hard proof of extermination.

I’ve recently renewed my account here at WordPress.  I feel like some things should change on this blog, but I’m not entirely certain yet what that should entail… aside from the obvious one about putting my butt in gear on some of the things I’ve let lapse in the name of burnout.  The spirit is willing.  I’m just so very tired (and often mush-brained) by the time opportunity arises.  The daily rat race, and especially the sensory overload of it all, drains me faster than I can replenish.  My desire to relocate off-world is increasing daily.  Behind all that, there is a conscious shift in my priorities that I’m currently at a loss to quantify by way of explanation.  Part of the human adventure, I suppose you could say.  When I figure it out, you’ll no doubt see it manifest here in one form or another.  That’s the goal, at any rate.

In the meantime, I ask that everyone continue to bear with me.  I’m not certain why the followers keep trickling in (welcome, new followers!), let alone why the rest of you are still here, but it’s flattering that anyone would want to read my rambles, so thank you all for that.  You’re awesome.  Going forward, all I can say for certain is that the only way to build momentum is to actually build momentum, so the holiday is going to be all about mentally regrouping, breaking some cycles of stupid, and hopefully re-engaging with the things I enjoy for all the right reasons.  Think of it as much-needed therapy.  The end result should be more creative energy on my part and more content for you.  Worst case scenario, you’ll still get some melty-brained thoughts on Holmes and Tolkien.  I’m just as surprised as you are.

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