The Problem with DC’s Heroes

I’ve been ranting about this for almost 30 years now.  In the words of Paul Newman, “I’ve got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.”

Ok, I wear bifocals now.  Because I’ve read a LOT of comics.  lol.  The point’s still valid.

I have to say… while I don’t agree 100% with every little point, I agree with the largest part of it, and certainly with the spirit of it.  Overall it’s just really gratifying to see someone else take up the mantle now that I’ve walked away in the name of mental health and self preservation.  Maybe that’s been my problem all along, that I didn’t have a splashy YouTube video to accompany my arguments.  Regardless, bravo to The Cosmonaut Variety Hour for putting this together.  Have to say, next time this rant needs to come about, I’m just going to pass around this video (like I’m doing right now).  Saves so much time and effort.

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