Old School

Some evenings, I just want to unplug.

No computers.  No smartphones.  No televisions.  No video games.  No streaming media of any kind.  Sometimes not even books.  I know, that seems harsh to me too.  Some nights, the old eyes need some rest.

On an evening like this, the solution is music.  Just music.

Nothing overproduced.  Nothing digitized.  Nothing screaming at me or pushing a relentless thump into my brain.  These things have their places, but not all the time, not on a night like this.

Something honest and tender is needed.  Nothing complicated.

Just the warm sounds of a phonograph record and the timeless beauty of yesteryear, catered through a pair of high quality headphones.  There’s something meditative about pulling out a record and going through the motions of setting it into motion, of placing the needle in the groove.  Of hearing that first crackle of static before the needle reaches the beginning of the first song.  Of hearing the softer crackle as the needle speeds towards the label after the last song ends.

This is how I spent last night.  Life’s simple pleasures.  If you have the means, I can’t recommend it enough.

6 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Julie London is just the right ticket for relaxing like that. I have a record player and love digging out a favourite album on vinyl sometimes, too. One of my favourites is an old Stan Kenton record (one of non-Beatles favourites, that is).

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  2. Music is great for combating certain emotions.

    All my life I’ve used music to work through my emotions, although I didn’t recognise what I was doing when I was younger. I just picked what I felt like listening to — anything from classical to heavy metal — and listened until I felt like stopping. It was a positive way to let go of hard feelings, and no matter how angry or miserable or frustrated I was, the music never hurt anybody, including me.

    And I still do it. Wonder what I’ll listen to tonight…

    NB: I’ve got 4 music modes: AOR, Indie, Classic (especially baroque) and Extreme (Punk, some Metal)…

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