The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak

Opening weekend has come and gone, and it’s officially the most divisive Star Wars movie in the franchise.  Even so, say what you will, there’s no denying The Last Jedi has some incredible visuals as a proper Star Wars film should.  And as we all know, nothing comes out of thin air.  From script to screen, the concept art helps to define the look of every aspect of the film from sets to costumes to vehicles and beyond.

I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke about this book.  I don’t have to.  The art speaks for itself.  Not only does it offer a context for what developed on screen, but it offers some clues as to what was abandoned.  For example, there’s a panel that asks the question as to whether or not a Sith’s Force ghost would glow red as a Jedi’s glows blue.  I realize the point of the movie was to undo 99% of what George Lucas put into place, but… c’mon.  Really?  This is how far they were going take it?  Whatever.  It didn’t happen.  And the art is beautiful and interesting all the same, which is the point of a book like this.  I don’t have a shot of that, so here are a couple more from the book just to get the point across.

I know, I know… as nice as those are, you just instinctively understand that everything else in this book is so much better.  And you’re right.  As gorgeous as these pieces are, most of the book is this good.  I can’t recommend this book enough for those who love Star Wars and/or concept art.  Like the film’s score, the art stands on its own as much as it works in conjunction with the final product.  It’s part of the fun to see how the creative process unfolds.


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