Catching Up

Happy Winter Solstice!

Aside from a couple of spoilery post-mortems on The Last Jedi, I haven’t really been around much.  That is to say, I haven’t gotten much of anything accomplished because my head space has been filled with two things: Star Wars and Tolkien.  Well, that and more car repairs because my windshield wipers decided not to work now that we’re entering the rainy season.  Perfect timing, as always.  Ergo, not much else has happened on the blog, aside from the weekly drop-in of Sherlock Holmes.  Even so, somehow I managed to earn a handful of new followers.  Hello and welcome, new followers!  Better still, it doesn’t look like anyone’s dropped me yet.  Maybe I’m being ignored, but that’s to be expected sometimes.

Incidentally… on the windshield issue?  RainX is a good thing to have.  This stuff was designed for use on aircraft.  Rain hits the glass and sheets right off.  Visibility is greatly improved.  This has been another unlicensed product sponsorship.  Back to the blog.

I want this to change in the new year, this whole boredom / burnout thing I go through that gets reflected in the blog.  I’ve already discussed my intentions, and after the holidays and some much needed vacation time after that, I hope to return, recharged and ready to… do whatever it is that’s going to make this blog interesting again.  lol.  It’s going to come down to creating new habits that deliberately undermine the old ones.  Never easy.  Rewarding if I can pull it off, but not easy.

In the meantime, I’ve started compiling my notes for a 2017 year-in-review post.  The more I compile, the more I realize that even though I mostly went nowhere and did nothing, I could write a novel on this year.  I’m not entirely certain I want to do that.  After all, when it’s that long, who’d want to read it?  I’d be fending off the ol’ “TL; DR” from people who think that’s somehow necessary or appropriate.  Whatever.  The point is, I want a post like this to be relevant and interesting, and… well, I could blog up half a novel just on all the music I’ve acquired this year.  The curse of having diverse tastes is that you rack up a list of awesome that you can never truly keep up with or share as well as a hole in your wallet.  Good problems to have, but I’m going to have to scale it back considerably next year, and I still have no clue how to tell you fine people about all of it.  And that’s not even counting books, audiobooks, movies, TV, and all manner of things that affected my life and world view.  It’s a bit overwhelming.

I dunno.  Is this something anyone even wants to read, or do we think it’ll just be a rehash of the blog’s greatest hits?

Along the same line, I think next year I’m going to re-brand posts like this one.  I see this sort of thing in podcasts all the time.  Makes it all inviting and stuff.  “Coffee with…” or “Tea Talk” or whatever.  Makes it sound friendlier, don’t you think?  Less of a drama llama exorcism and/or execution, right?  *stares intently at screen*  Right?!  *ahem*

Also, I’m executing all drama llamas on sight next year.  Wherever they pop up, wherever they go to regroup, wherever they sleep… I’ll be there.  I’ll be like The Shadow: “I’ll be there… around every corner, in every empty room, as inevitable as your guilty conscience.”  *maniacal laughter here*  Damn things are worse than Gremlins, I swear.  At least with Gremlins, I understand the rules, and I know they’re not impervious to thinks like microwaves and blenders.

Anyway, drama llamas suck.  That’s all I’m really trying to say.  Can’t trust ’em, don’t need ’em, don’t want ’em.  And I’m sick of slipping in their spit trails.

Story goes, aside from the regular Tolkien and Holmes posts to keep the momentum going, things are going to be a little slow around here through the first week of January.  I’ll be keeping up and sweeping up, but I’m not expecting any fresh supplies of anything else.

Again, welcome to the new readers, and happy holidays to everyone.  If you need me for anything, I’ll be right over there…

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