Back in Action

I’m back from the country retreat today.  Returned last night, did a lot of nothing.  Blogworthy stuff, I know…  Makes for exciting reading.

The week away did me a world of good.  I feel like I’m starting the year with a better foothold on the future.  Meditation, finances… it seems small, but these things contribute to an overall sense of well being that cannot be underestimated.  Between football, cold, and rain, the neighborhood was quiet when I got in yesterday, for which I was grateful, and I was able to maintain that feeling of relaxation.  I think that’s what I was most worried about losing, but it turned out to be a non-issue.  The trick now is to hold on to it, to perpetuate it.

On the meditation front, I did not do anything resembling formal practice.  Having grown up in the country, I can tell you that there is no meditation practice that can compete with watching the sun come up or go down under a wide open sky.  No city lights, no neighborhood asshats destroying the ambiance, just peace and quiet and the greatest show under heaven.  Sure, it was cold this time of year, but that’s what coffee is for.  Now that I’m back in the city, meditation mornings are a thing.  It’s pretty cool that I’ve been able to pick up on this without feeling like it’s an uphill battle already.  That’s how most meditative practices begin.  That’s certainly how most of mine begin.  But not this time.  The time in the country served as a spectacular on-ramp for this.  Far easier to maintain the inertia than to build it in the first place.  I’m calling this a win.

The financial education didn’t go perhaps as far as I’d like, but I felt it was more important to go slowly and get a firm grasp of the basics before trying to speed through something that would leave me confused and discouraged.  The mindset of abundance is probably the hardest part, but it makes sense to me.  From there, I think the most important things I learned deal with multiple sources of passive income and compound interest.  If I learn absolutely nothing else, this is a solid foundation so long as I implement them.  Truly, the idea of the hourly pittance of a salary has become anathema to me.  But I also realize there’s nothing that says I need to identify myself by my day job.  I think that was a wake-up call of sorts.  By way of introduction, most people ask who you are and then what you do for a living.  Why?  Because we’re trained monkeys who have been taught by society that what job we do is who we are.  No more, no less.  Fine and well for those who operate in their chosen careers and love them, but for the wage slave like myself… these bonds are going to break.  I am Spartacus.  The seeds for rebellion are being sown even now.  I will play my part as expected, and when the time is right, I will do no more for the ungrateful.  No more wasted time, no more wasted effort, no more asking permissions.  Life’s too important to subjugate oneself to such menial stupidity.

When I wasn’t immersing myself in new stuff, I got my Dad hooked on one of my all-time favorites, Stargate: SG-1.  Going back to the beginning and seeing the world building unfold in the first couple of seasons, it made me respect this series all over again, and it made me realize all the things they did right… and all the things that most shows and films aren’t doing right today.  I was starting to think maybe it was just me, that maybe I’ve just become set in my ways in my old age or something.  Nope.  Turns out, the world really is a lot less demanding when it comes to entertainment, and my standards are still high.  Not that this is a bad thing.  It means, like always, that I can put my focus on the good stuff and ignore the substandard trends in pop culture.  Sadly, I don’t really have time to revisit the entire Stargate series right now.  Too many irons in the fire, too much to learn, and, well, if I do this right, I’ll have more time to enjoy all this and more besides.  Heck, If I do this right, I’ll have money and time to enjoy some traveling.  I just have to be patient and dedicated.  Eye on the prize.

In regards to projects on this blog, nothing has really changed.  I’ve kept up with the Tolkien and Holmes buddy reads while I was away.  Now that I’m back, I hope to push a few more things into motion.  I did notice I gained a few more followers while I was out.  Welcome, new followers!

Since this month marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I feel more compelled to read more of her work.  I’ve got her complete works in ebook format now.  I’d love to just dive immediately.  I’ve got way too many other books in the hopper right now for this to be a reality.  Even so, Shelley has become a top priority for me this year just on account.  It’s been building for a while.  Nothing quite like a milestone to really press the issue.  Soon!

Other developments are in motion.  More as they develop.  For now, I think I’m off to a good start.  Hope all is well for everyone else.  Here’s to a better year going forward.

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