Free Ebook – The Algorithm of Power by Pedro Barrento

I had a cool little surprise this morning.  I feared I’d have to wait till my lunch break to fire this off because this is time sensitive.  Day job… you know how it goes.  I’m sneaking this in anyway.  Don’t tell anyone.

Author Pedro Barrento dropped me a line (thank you!) to let me know his book The Algorithm of Power is available for free on Amazon today and tomorrow (January 9 and 10).  You can find that right here.

For those that do get it, the author has requested “verified reviews” from those who would be willing to do so.  No strings, just a friendly request as word of mouth is still the very best advertising.  Always has been, always will be.

Regarding the book itself, I’m only about halfway through.  I’m hoping to finish it out this weekend.  From what I’ve read so far, it’s certainly worth the read if you like intelligent science fiction that has something important to say about the modern world and is worth discussing.  You know, in the grand tradition of all the best science fiction that’s ever come down the line since Frankenstein.  I’d personally recommend checking it out.

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