To Blog About Music

This site is an eclectic, random mess.  There.  I said it.  I own it.  I knew it would happen right from the start because that’s kind of the nature of being me.  I bounce from one thing to the next as purpose demands or mood strikes.  That’s why I have so many project blogs, and it’s why so many of them go into hiatus from time to time (except where buddy reads drive me forward).  But it’s an organized mess, so I’m calling it a win.

I’ve made it no secret that I love music.  Accordingly, I’ve tried to offer two separate blog projects about music so far.  The first one, called The Score, was going to be all about film music.  That sort of fizzled because I really wasn’t certain how I wanted to go about things.  The other one, Early Music Explorations, is still a work in progress.  The problem with that one is that to write about anything in that realm, you either have to assume the reader has a lot of historical knowledge about music before 1600, or you have to fill in a lot of it to make the blog work.  Sometimes it’s information by the truck load.  It’s a bit unwieldy, though I’ve seen where at least one of those posts made its rounds on Facebook and Twitter, which is always weird to me since I don’t use either platform.  It’s flattering to assume that’s because people like the posts, but I have very little idea since I get virtually no feedback.  That’s my own fault for shunning Facebook and Twitter.  C’est la vie.

Thing is, even if I get both of these projects revving at maximum, that’s only two genres.  I listen to a lot more music than that.  I attend concerts locally where money allows, and I’ve written a number of random blog posts about those.  But even that’s not enough.  Not to toot my own horn here (no pun intended), but I have a pretty big book library.  My music library is far larger.  Virtually every paycheck, I buy at least one album.  Usually I’m surfing the web or hitting up stores that sell used CDs and records, looking for whatever hits me in the feels that day.  I subscribe to a couple of music-oriented podcasts, and that induces a few impulse buys because I try to support the artists that bring me joy.  Typically the way it works for me is I pay all my bills, then I buy some music, then I buy a book or three, then I buy food once I know how much I have left in my wallet.

The point is… I feel like I could write a great deal more about music on this site.  Book reviews are easy.  Writing about writing just comes naturally to me.  Movie reviews translate basically the same way because there is still narrative and character involved, and I know how to write for visual media after working through college as an art major.  For that reason, I’ve still got this backburnered idea of doing a fine arts project, discussing a great painting or sculpture or whatever.  That still may happen one of these days.  In the meantime, music is still the everpresent constant in my world, and it holds virtually limitless inspiration for me.  There’s a cliché that writing about music is like dancing about architecture.  Turning something abstract into words is complicated, made more so given that I have no formal music training, so terminology and understanding of anything resembling music theory beyond bare basics is elusive.  Be that as it may, I want to get better about expressing myself when it comes to the music I love, and the only way to do that is simply to do it.  I’ve discussed this with one other person so far, and the advice I was given was basically to keep it simple, which is always good advice.  It’s also been summarily overwritten on most of my blogs here, so I’m terrible at simple.  Clearly, I need to work at that.

This is the long-winded way of saying that there’s likely another blog project on the horizon, one that will explore the depth and breadth of my music collection, across all the genres I listen to, across the ages, one album at a time… assuming there’s interest in this sort of thing.  If there is any interest, I hope this will become as regular as my buddy reads of Tolkien and Sherlock Holmes.  You know, something to offer some variety around here and to fill the gaps between book reviews since it takes me forever to read anything.

So… feedback time.  What do you think?

12 thoughts on “To Blog About Music

  1. I’m totally for it! I’d love to read what you have to say about music.
    It’s not easy indeed. I used to write about it, so there was always a bit of a struggle on how to go best about it.
    Go ahead, I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful project.

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