Friendly Spam

Just FYI… some of you know that I’ve been having issues with some users being caught in the spam filters.  It’s been an ongoing issue that sometimes self-corrects, but never permanently.  I’ve been in communication with the wonderful people at WordPress.  They’re helping me out on this as we speak.

The idea is to keep the castle as defended as possible, which has been working really well, while letting identified friendlies through the wall.  For whatever reason, the system isn’t learning who the friendlies are, even after I rescue a comment from the spam or trash.  With a little luck, this will be fixed in short order.  In the meantime, I still keep a close watch so no one falls through the cracks.  If for some reason a comment does fall through the cracks (meaning it didn’t show up on my end at all), please contact me directly through the contact page so I can pass that info along to tech support.  Thanks.

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