February 2018 Overview and Assessment

Another month down, so it’s time to check in on the progress I’ve made.

The quest for financial improvement is still ongoing.  I’ve hit a necessary wall that will force me to tighten my belt and pay down some debt, thanks to some technological disasters.  Windows 10 crippled my desktop computer, I purchased a cheap laptop to see me through until I can rebuild it, my phone took a tumble that resulted in shatter and replacement, and basically life in general insists on throwing me speed bumps every time I seem to get a flat, level stretch of road and start building up momentum.  Things were crashing down around me on that front, but I can see now it’ll be ok.  I just have to exercise some discipline.  This was exactly what I asked for, is it not?  Be careful what you wish for.  The Omniverse has a funny way of cutting through the noise if you’re not specific.  And, of course, I did this to myself.  I take responsibility, and I will make things better.  It’s only money, after all, and money — like everything else — is energy.  It’s the Force: it guides your actions, but it also obeys your commands.

Related to that, it’s time to free up some energy, reclaim a little money, and make some room in the Hobbit hole while I’m at it.  Some of you may or may not know, but I’m a collector of Wonder Woman.  Or rather, I used to be.  For a lot of years, I championed this character when even DC and WB openly declared her to be “unmarketable,” and I voted with my dollar.  It’s time to part ways with the bulk of that collection.  I have several action figures (some loose, some carded) and a number of cold cast porcelain statues and mini-busts that need new homes.  There are a couple of favorite pieces I’ll be hanging onto just on principle, but most of this stuff needs to go to someone who will appreciate it the way I once did.  I’m also currently debating on how much Star Wars merch to let go of as well.  Most of this is not in nearly as good condition, but them’s the breaks.  First things first… Wonder Woman needs new friends and caretakers.  I have a list of options on how to make this happen that I’ll be exploring in the weeks ahead.

As the weather warms up, I tend to fear and loathe the noise levels of my neighbors.  It’s like the moment it stops raining or gets above 65 degrees, everything turns into a giant block party.  Sensory Perception Disorder apparently means that I’m unable to enjoy a warm, sunny day.  Having said that, so far, it’s not been too bad.  Last weekend, for example, was absolute bliss!  As a bonus, the spiteful group of asshats in the rental next to me moved out after they discovered I’m not renting (and thus couldn’t be driven out quite so readily).  Here’s hoping for a quiet, respectful resident next time around.

My plan to eat healthier got off to a later start than I’d like.  I’m wrestling with the notion that I can eat healthy, or I can eat affordably.  By affordably, I mean dirt cheap.  Not quite Ramen noodle level, but close enough at times to make me consider I need to restructure from the top down.  That’s my own fault for buying books and music first; I have no regrets on that front.  But that’s also my line in the sand.  If it’s bad enough to buy Ramen, I need to sell my house or something.  It’s good to have hard lines in play.  I’ve found a few options, and thanks to friends and fellow bloggers, I’m getting more all the time.  I’m in no danger of going hungry (though I could probably afford to skip a meal here and there).  I also said “healthier”… not “healthy.”  Healthy is for those who want to eat like rabbits and can afford to triple their grocery bill.  It’s truly obnoxious what we’ve done to a concept so basic as food.

Ok, enough of that.  Moving on…

I managed to start up another blog project this month called Just Listen: A Musical Spotlight.  The idea is to geek out about a random album from my personal collection.  And I’m starting to put some other projects back in rotation.

My friend Samantha Wilcoxson has another novella out in the wild now, part of her Plantagenet Embers series.  It’s called Once a Queen: A Story of Elizabeth Woodville.  In terms of character depth and emotional roller coasters, this might be her best work yet.  Admittedly, I’m biased, but feel free to check it out for yourself if you like historical fiction.

Star Trek: Discovery ended its first season, and I am so proud of how well this series recovered after the rocky first half.  It’s not perfect, but it found Star Trek by the time it was over.  Season 2 looks bright ahead.  On the other side of things, Star Wars: Rebels is about to go out with a bang.  Just one triple-episode finale left for next week.  We got some answers, some more questions, and the return of some old friends.

Two back-to-back concerts at the Dallas Symphony this month, the end result of which is that I’m now appreciating Mahler like never before.

I’m still reading that Doc Savage / The Shadow crossover novel Empire of Doom.  I’m a little over halfway through, and as exciting as it is, it’s like I get called away within a few pages.  It taunts me.  It’s freakishly good fun though.

Last but not least, on the Tolkien project… I’ve finished The Silmarillion!!!  My final blogs for that are ready to post this Sunday and Monday.  It feels SO good to finally achieve that one after more than 20 years.  Wow…  I feel like everything else from here on is just a bonus, no matter how difficult it may seem in the moment.  I’ve conquered one hell of a psychological mountain, and I enjoyed it every single step of the way.  As stated before, the first couple of weeks of March are going to be rededicated to a couple of other things (rebuilding my desktop computer, Shakespeare’s Richard III), then mid-March will begin the Unfinished Tales, blogs to start dropping in April.

32 thoughts on “February 2018 Overview and Assessment

  1. Do you have an Aldi where you are? They have groceries so much cheaper than main chains. We started using it this month and it cut our grocery bill in half and we didn’t compromise much at all. Groceries is what gets us. It can run to $100 a week or more.

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  2. Troy, this is an excellent post! I can relate. I am working on paying down debt and diversifying my talents to not only make a living, but more importantly impact people! It is good to self evaluate for us all. Thats how we grow!

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