RIP David Ogden Stiers

Like so many in my generation, I grew up with David Ogden Stiers as part of my television experience. It’s nothing short of a gut punch to learn that we’ve lost such a talented and venerable actor.  Stiers died peacefully, succumbing to bladder cancer, age 75.

Like so many, I knew him first as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III on the hit TV series M*A*S*H.  But I also knew him from roles in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Lilo and Stitch, Stargate: Atlantis, a stunningly powerful guest spot on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and an entire list of other credits too numerous to go through, some of which I can’t even believe he agreed to play (an unaired TV movie version of Justice League comes to mind).  The man had acting chops.  More than that, he was lover of classical music, having guest conducted over 70 orchestras worldwide.  That never ceases to impress me.  The older I got, the more I appreciated his work, and I always will.

My thoughts are with those family and friends he leaves behind.

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