Victory is Mine

In mid-December, I reported to Amazon Music that my playlists were not syncing in their mobile app.  They’re fine everywhere else, but whatever upgrade they pushed through, something wasn’t right.  Would they mind un-breaking it for me?  Doesn’t seem like much to ask, and ultimately it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Four months later, I’ve dealt with every conceivable branch of Amazon’s customer service and technical departments, neither of which actually talk to one another on a regular basis.  Every time I’d uninstall the app and reinstall, the problem actually got worse.  Reps were generally friendly enough, but most of them had the problem of either parroting back vague responses from a script or simply not even reading what I wrote, as evidenced by answering questions I didn’t even ask.  They would thank me for my patience and encourage me to call in.  Fun fact: if you call in, you get no further, and you waste a lot more time.  But if you email, you can keep those emails.  If you try a second direct response, that email you send will be undeliverable.  If you’d like to keep the chain going and get results, you can use the following email addresses instead of a direct reply:

If they ever change these email addresses, it doesn’t take much to learn what the new ones would be.  Just saying.  Anyway, I replied to all three.  In the end, that doesn’t end the circle of stupid.  What ultimately worked was that I told them I had four months of these emails detailing how incompetent they were, and wouldn’t I hit the bestseller list if I published an ebook with the unedited versions?

24 hours later, the problem was resolved.

Seriously.  All that back there, gone in an instant.  This successfully proves that Amazon is not interested in customer service or customer feedback as they claim.  Rather, they are interested only in the perception of happy and/or quiet customers.  I’m sure that comes as no surprise to anyone, but isn’t it nice to see it spelled out?

They ask that I treat this as an “isolated incident,” which I can assure you it’s anything but.  I wish I’d thought to do this when my entire music library, both purchased and uploaded, went missing for eight months solid… again, fixed overnight after much fighting.  I never forget these things.  That said, they have been called on the carpet with the reminder that now I know how they operate.  I won’t publish the emails for now, but I do have them archived, and I will repeat this entire process with an aim to quicker results should this level of nonsense ever happen again.

Take from this affair what you will.   This is part of why I still buy CDs and keep a digital archive of all my music, with an offsite backup, independent of a service like this.  The music keeps me sane while the stupidity unfolds.  Viva la resistance!

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