Still on Hiatus

The hiatus continues, and probably for longer than I’d like to admit at this point.  It’s not for lack of wanting to blog.  I have so much to talk about.  I’m still fighting to revive my desktop system as Windows 10 somehow manages to corrupt itself on a brand new install on a brand new hard drive no matter how many times I format the thing.  I’ve been once more to the Dallas Symphony, my last concert there for this season.  I’m reading some books via Audible that aren’t especially challenging, but they are lengthy and extremely well written.  There’s music happening in all directions.  See what I mean?  Plenty to talk about.

The big one is that after much searching and finally getting a callback, I’ve enrolled myself into therapy.  I won’t go into details here or in the future, but suffice it to say I’ve been told I needed to do this 30 years ago.  I feel that’s a conservative estimate.  I’m a basket case because of sensory processing issues, insomnia, and a veritable cornucopia of other nonsense that’s never been dealt with that’s all tied together.  If not for friends and music, I’d have lost myself years ago.  I’ve decided that since I can’t get Alexander to cut through the Gordian knot, it’s time to unravel it all.  There’s a lot of homework involved.  In some ways it’s like I’m back in school, only this time the subject is Life 101.  I don’t mind the work at all.  I’ve never shied away from the idea of self-discovery, and I certainly have no problem with writing as much as this is calling for.  I’m determined to succeed and to get my money’s worth.  It’s just time consuming in the extreme.

In the meantime, I ask your indulgence and thank you for your patience.  I’m not going anywhere, and neither is this site nor its projects.  Blogging is something of a biological imperative for me.  It just won’t be nearly as much as I hoped for the time being.  Thanks for understanding.

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