Coffee-Fueled Rant

Sometimes I wonder if merely owning an Indiana Jones fedora means that I signed up for a life of extreme highs and lows with none of the adventure in between.  That doesn’t sound right to me, but there it is.  I said I was still on hiatus.  That was three days ago.  Let me catch you up, in case you’re curious.

Last weekend began the latest round of super slow installs, failures, rollbacks, wipeouts, and reinstalls that has been the story of my life in regards to my desktop computer the last few months.  Let me just sum it up like this: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update crippled my system.  You could uninstall it, but then Windows would reinstall it.  If you figured out how to block it, it overtook the system and did it anyway.  Eventually it overtook my boot sector and killed the entire system.  I’ve been trying and failing just to simply install Windows from scratch ever since.  After the failure of Saturday and Sunday, I decided to hold off again.  More on that in a moment.

I worked a lot of makeup time on Monday so that I could take off work early on Tuesday for my therapy appointment.  Thankfully, that’s also the day the construction crews decided to bust up the street outside my office window again… all day long.  Being hypersensitive to sound, it makes me crazy, so I’m grateful that Tuesday is suddenly a short day.  Less of that to deal with.  The plan was to go home, chill a bit, grab a quick bite to eat, then show up to my appointment relaxed and ready to bust down some psychological barriers.  What really happened was I left work, got halfway home, blew out and completely shredded a tire, discovered a second tire was on the verge of blowing out, and I pulled into a gas station so as to not have to wait on the side of the highway.  The good news here is that I get free towing with my insurance package, and Discount Tire isn’t far from my therapist’s office.  Not sure I’ll make it though.  While I’m waiting for the tow truck that can’t seem to find me (and calls me every few minutes to tell me so), I’m doing some searches on my phone to figure out what my next tires will be.  In the meantime, I keep getting harassed by several people in repeated succession who simply will not leave me alone.  “I can change out your tire.”  The part of me that grew up in the country knows that there are still some good Samaritans left in the world.  The part of me that lives in the city knows that free is seldom cheap, and the very fact that these morons won’t take no for an answer has me questioning their good intentions.  I make it very clear that I know damn well how to change a tire, and I even have the means to do so, but I have a service I’m utilizing, and if they don’t back off, I’ll call a cop.  That didn’t deter any of them.  They kept pestering me the entire time the car was being lifted onto the tow truck.  I’m rather proud of myself in that I didn’t go off on them like a Roman candle.  I held myself in check.

Long story short (too late, I know), I got in and out of Discount Tire $400 poorer but in record time.  Made it to the therapist’s office just in time, wherein I paid another $100 to take a test that could measure me against the DSM-5 so that we’d have a baseline to work with.  And I had to outline the positive and negative things in my entire life story that made me the happy soul I am today, so all of that stuff is bubbling up to the surface too.  We didn’t do anything with that yet due to how much time it took for that test.  I’m not going to make it a habit of discussing what goes on in session, but this is pretty basic and benign, so I’m putting it in here for perspective.  Upon getting home, I decided to beat the computer into submission because I needed a victim.

The good news: I finally got Windows 10 installed, fully functional, and stable, just as it was when it was brand new.

The bad news: it still wanted those damn updates, and it rejected the first couple rounds of this for some reason.  Remember, these are the same updates that crippled the system to begin with.

As of this morning, I finally have the updates fully installed.  The computer is unbearably slow, proving yet again that the updates aren’t right.  Research online suggests that Microsoft finally admitted to this fact and promised an update that would fix it in January, postponed it to March, and released it in April.  I have that update too.  It didn’t help at all.  And people wonder why I’m in therapy…

I’ve since found some suggestions online that will allow me to add some tool that will allow me to roll back those updates and temporarily block them until the next big update.  Assuming that works, I’ll be temporarily back in business.  This is liable to take a week and a half just based on the response time of the computer.  Seriously, 2-10 minutes to do absolutely anything from mouse-click to response.  Thank the Force I have this laptop, but I need that desktop if I’m ever going to be fully functional on this blog.  My research projects require multiple screens and more power than this cheap fix is capable of handling.

In the event this doesn’t work (and even if it does, it’s a temporary fix), I’ll be adding Microsoft to my list of “verboten” companies (Apple is already on that shit list from my years in college when I had to learn both platforms) and jumping over to Linux.  I am not a programmer, and I do not think like a programmer.  I’m enthralled with Tolkien partly because languages are beyond impossible for me to wrap my head around.  I’ve had many programmer friends tell me how easy it is… and I’m sure it is to them.  But they program.  I do not.  Be that as it may, necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m going to start carving out some time to take advantage of the free online resources to learn Linux.  I refuse to be held hostage by either Microsoft or Apple ever again.  I bought my desktop system specifically to give it a fresh Windows 10 install, and it worked until MS decided to use its customers as beta testers.  It disturbs me to no end that getting them to admit a problem is akin to pulling teeth, which is a big part of the problem I have with Apple.  I’m beyond sick of big companies taking advantage of the consumers they claim to be servicing, and I certainly don’t have the money to keep letting them do it.

This morning rant is brought to you by coffee.  Yes: have some.  May any person to suggest I switch to decaf get their face gnawed by weasels.

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