Help Fund an Independent Author’s Next Project

As the title suggests, an independent author needs help raising funds for his next project.  I don’t often pass this sort of thing on because… well, it’s a rare request.  Writing is ultimately a solitary and inexpensive pursuit in and of itself, a very different animal from producing an album of music or a sculpture, so authors tend to need more help in marketing after the book is written than in front-end production.  However, there are exceptions to everything.

I got an email from author Patrick Rogers.  With his permission, I’m going to share the bulk of it here as a request of this nature just sounds better coming straight from the source.  Patrick writes:

When it comes to writing a travel book, give me the world’s worst monsoon seasons, leeches, landslides, black magic, you name it. It’s raising the money that’s the tricky part!

What I need your help with is putting together a new book that I’m going to write called The Long Walk to Dawki. You can visit my gofundmepage for it here. What it’ll be about is a 4-6 week trek I’m going to take across the Khasi Hills of the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya. It’s a follow up to my previous book The Green UnknownBut whereas that book was a sort of introduction to Meghalaya, The Long Walk to Dawki is going to be something very different: a close-up account of a single, intense, adventure.

My plan is to write something epic. It’s going to be a tough walk, to villages I’ve never seen, in canyons I’ve never entered, excavated by rivers I’ve never swam in. On the way, I plan to document Meghalya’s astounding living root bridges, it’s complex village histories, and its fascinating regional linguistic variations, while also writing on the interesting characters I’ll meet. I’m going to be covering a huge swath of difficult territory, in both physical and cultural terms. The book, however, is going to have a definite beginning and end. Either I’ll complete my trek and walk all the way from the town of Ranikor to the town of Dawki, or find that it’s not possible. No matter what, it’ll be an interesting story, and that’s a promise!

What I need help with is scraping together the bare minimum of funds for making this thing a reality. My plan is to do this on the absolute thinnest shoe-string budget possible. That said, adventures have an annoying tendency to present unexpected costs.

Even very small donations can help a whole lot. A little bit of cash can go a long way in the hills, and to simply know that I have support on this journey helps with morale. Also, a simple share of the gofundme link would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you very much for your time

Patrick Rogers

Visit my blog at:

Here’s my site on Living Root Bridges:

If this sounds like something you might want to read, click over and help make it happen.  If nothing else, click over anyway and take a look at the gorgeous photographs and share the link with someone who might be interested.  Thanks in advance.

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