Ending the Drama Llama: Goodbye, Windows 10

Are you tired of reading about my computer drama yet?  I’m certainly tired of living it.  Even though I finally got a (mostly) stable install of Windows 10 on my desktop computer at long last, it continues to find new ways to laugh at me and hobble my sanity.  For example, I plugged in the extra hard drives, which promptly made the entire system slow down again, extended the bootup time by a factor of four, and somehow began crashing my internet browser for no reason whatsoever.  I’d been contemplating the idea of dual-booting the system with Linux Ubuntu, which is still going to happen, but a little research has made a world of difference.

The original save was going to be to reinstall Windows 7, which has always run for me like a champ.  The problem: I have a couple of drives that are larger than 2 TBs, which the OS wouldn’t read.  It turns out that somewhere along the lines, there’s a new format option that MS released allowing 64-bit OS platforms from XP forward to read larger drives and enable RAID-5 capability.  In short… I’m blowing out the computer once again.  Not this weekend (because I’ll be out of town), but the one after, I’ll be saying goodbye to Windows 10 on that desktop system.  The dual-boot Windows 7 / Linux Ubuntu is going to happen at long last.  The better my Linux skills get, the less reliant I’ll be on Windows, and eventually I can just give Microsoft the ol’ heave-ho.  I think I’ll look into a RAID-5 Linux server down the road, once everything else is ironed out.  It feels really good to have the end of this long nightmare in sight.


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