RIP, Margot Kidder

Seems like a great many people who contributed to the culture I grew up in are passing away.  I suppose that’s a natural part of life, but it’s still never easy.  I just learned that the world has lost Margot Kidder at the relatively young age of 69.  According to her manager, she died peacefully in her sleep yesterday.

As with her co-star Christopher Reeve, the Superman films made them both famous, they both suffered some element of tragedy that redefined them after the films, and they both made me take a good, hard look at the people behind the characters.  Losing Margot Kidder feels a lot like when we lost Reeve.  It’s surreal.  It’s like I know them so well because of how well they embodied the roles and through fan interactions and such, but it’s really not the same.  Those two were a team on screen, and they always feel that way to me even though they led different lives and had different careers.  Even so, I grew up on the Superman films.  They define a lot about my life, as much as anything else possibly could.  Margot Kidder was a big part of all of that.  She’ll always be Lois Lane to me for all the right reasons.  She’ll be missed.

My heart goes out to those she leaves behind.

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