RIP, Eunice Gayson

The world of James Bond has lost its first Bond girl.  Eunice Gayson passed away yesterday at age 90.

Featuring alongside Sean Connery in their mutual introduction in 1962’s Dr. No, Gayson played Sylvia Trench.  She was supposed to go on as a recurring character through multiple films, but appeared only once more in From Russia With Love.  BBC News offers a more detailed write-up than I ever could.  You can find that here.

Although primarily known for Bond, she was a character actress with number of other roles in Britain’s cult genres, including Hammer’s The Revenge of Frankenstein and Bond-adjacent appearances on The Saint and The Avengers.

As a film enthusiast and Bond fan, it’s always rough to lose someone so prominent in the legacy of a series I hold high.  As ever, my thoughts are with those she leaves behind.

4 thoughts on “RIP, Eunice Gayson

  1. Such sad news. And it made me feel so darned old! Hard to think that this Bond girl was 90 years old. Well, she lived to a “good” age, if there is such a thing, so at least there’s that.

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