Spambot Protection: Follow-Up

I’ve noticed that the spammer who’s now hitting the like button in order get spam links through is now hitting comments I’ve made to some of your posts.  Given this new information, I touched base with the engineers at WordPress.  Apparently this is a new tactic the spammers are using, and the engineeers are working hard to stop these things cold.  I wanted to throw that out there.  If anyone else is seeing this sort of thing, I’d encourage you to contact support through the chat setup here on WP so the engineers can find those bots.  The more information they have, the faster they can make this happen.  Thanks in advance.


9 thoughts on “Spambot Protection: Follow-Up

  1. I love how WP manages these scoundrels. Last week my blog was bombarded with those silly ‘what’ comments, too. None of them came through, of course and my spam folder was overfilled. From now on I’ll follow your example and contact the support in case of such attacks.

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