American Transgirl –> Scottish Lady

I came out of the closet to a select few in my life on this side of the screen and to the world online in May.  June is Pride Month.  I might as well take pride in something, right?  When I announced my name here on the blog, it felt really good to have that positive response, to be recognized and welcomed.

Now I’m recognized legally and internationally!  Let me explain.

For grins, I own a small plot of land in a nature preserve in Scotland for a number of reasons (part of an earlier quest to secure the traditional legal requirements for knighthood — which I did).  As an American, knighthood isn’t really something you can pursue over here, but in Scotland, it’s a proud tradition!  I purchased the land there five years ago, made official on Hobbit Day, 2013.  At the time, it was the final step to meet all the requirements, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s when I earned the title Knight of Angels.  It was how I rewarded myself for some hard work that no one else would ever recognize anyway.  It was a proud day to receive those documents the first time, even if the title and name wasn’t quite “right” in my heart.  That’s bugged me since, but I swore that when I came out, I’d have that changed.  That time has come, and those documents have been officially reissued with my new name, allowing me to bear the title of Lady as befitting a Scottish property owner.  Those updated documents arrived in the mail today.

Apologies for the substandard photos for these purposes.  I should get these properly scanned for my personal records.  Easy enough.  There’s a third document that transfers from the old name to the new, but I’m going to decline to post that here.

The nobles who run roughshod over landed titles and crests are never amused by such things, but whatever.  Aristocracy is always synonymous with hypocrisy, and quite frankly, this isn’t about them.  This unassuming, geeky American transgirl is a Scottish Lady of Glencoe, home to Connor MacLeod and James Bond!  But even more importantly, there’s an organization on this planet that I’m proud to support for all the reasons it exists in the first place, much like with the National Parks here at home, and it just so happens that they now recognize me for who I am.  I can’t express how happy I am over this entire situation.  It’s cheesy and maybe even a bit stupid to some, but it’s awesome incarnate in my book.

I may have celebrated with a stirring rendition of “Scotland the Brave,” on the pipes, of course.

7 thoughts on “American Transgirl –> Scottish Lady

  1. Holy Heck? I’d been wondering what that crest on your blog was? My congratulations for your knighthood (and wow, am I writing that right? What a thing to write)

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