The Heroes Assembled

I’ve been slowly trying to collect Kotobukiya’s Star Wars: A New Hope series of pre-painted models.  I don’t yet have the stormtroopers two-pack, and my efforts to get Vader have been thwarted because the one they finally released is the wrong scale (1/7 instead of 1/10 as these are) and looks like the helmet was squished in on the sides.  I do have the correctly scaled Empire and Jedi versions of Vader; I had those first, before I opted to collect the New Hope versions of all the core characters.  But *sigh*… I know the difference, so he doesn’t go with this set.

Still, I got the droids I was looking for today, so I can finally declare the heroes collection complete!  It really is the little things that make me happy.  The detail on C-3PO is insanely accurate, and I love that they nailed the patented Harrison Ford smirk.

Now if they’d just fix Vader and give us a proper Tarkin…  Seriously, that’d be enough for me.

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