Podcasts of Choice

With apologies to Brittany, who requested this forever ago… I promised I’d offer up a list of all the podcasts I’m currently listening to.

I was going to provide site links, but it occurs to me that most people are just going to type these into iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, or whatever else their podcatcher of choice happens to be.  I personally use Pocket Casts, in case you’re curious.  Without further adieu, there’s the list in alphabetical order:

The Annotator – Christopher Coleman hosts this platform where a composer spotlights a specific work of film or video game score music they’ve created and describes some of the process behind how it came together.

BondCast – Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac (of Rebel Force Radio) are joined by Jonathan Wilkins (of Star Wars Insider magazine) to talk all things Bond.  James Bond.  To wrap each look at the films, Jimmy teams with Laird Malamed to explore the music in “For Your Ears Only.”  This series takes a backseat to RFR in terms of their priorities, so its releases are irregular, but still fun when they happen.

Case Notes – This is a true crime series from Classic FM radio spotlighting some truly horrific and bizarre stories in the world of classical music.

The Celtfather with Marc Gunn – One of the podcasts I follow from Marc, think of this one as his audio blog.  He’s a personable guy who shares a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in his life and music.

Celtic Christmas Podcast – Marc Gunn’s seasonal contribution, all about the holiday tunes from independent Celtic musicians

Celtic Interviews – This one doesn’t happen often, but every now and again Marc lands an interview with some of Celtic musicians he features in his other shows.

Chivalry Today – hosted by Scott Farrell, this podcast is an occasional offering that features conversations with professors, armorers, historians, and enthusiasts of all kinds on the concept of Chivalry and how to bring it forward into our modern era.

Cinematic Sound Radio – A longtime radio feature from Erik Woods with backup from Jason Drury, CSR is all about film, television, and video game score music.  It features suites from new and upcoming scores as well as looks back on the treasures of decades past.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Former “old media” journalist Dan Carlin offers his insights on modern politics from historical perspectives.  Good luck nailing down which side he’s on.  He’s an equal opportunity offender.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – one of the oldest, smartest, and most amazing podcasts on the internet, Hardcore History has evolved from shorter episodes into multi-part full-on audiobook presentations.  The insights are nothing short of incredible.  It’s often months between episodes, and the result speaks for itself.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Addendum – When Dan tried to go back to a shorter format, some of his listeners rebelled.  This show was his answer, so he can have his cake and eat it too.

Famous Monsters of Filmland – The podcast home of the venerable magazine of the same title, the crew of FM discuss all things monsters: sci-fi, horror, fantasy… it’s in there.

Fellowship of the Geeks – This podcast is a roundtable discussion of comic books and related topics run by a local group out of Dallas, TX.

GateWorld Podcast – The podcast of Gateworld.net, the longest running Stargate fansite on the internet, hosted by Darren Summer and David Read.

Geek Pub Songs with Marc Gunn – This is a music podcast for Marc to spotlight some of his own music mixed in with some other independent Celtic artists.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast – In terms of podcasting, this is Marc’s big one.  This is one of the longest running and most popular podcasts on the internet.  It’s a weekly spotlight of independent Celtic musicians from around the world.

Irish Music Stories – Irish musician Shannon Heaton interviews other Irish musicians to get at the heart behind the tunes.

James Bond Radio – Tom Sears and Chris Wright host a (mostly) weekly look at James Bond with occasional backup from Jack Lugo, Dan Gale, and appropriately enough on music, John Williams.  No, not that John Williams, but this one knows his 007.

The Minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.

Mythgard Academy – The Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen hosts these online classes, covering some amazing literature and sometimes some movies.

NASA – This Week @ NASA – This is a real quick news burst, a weekly 1-3 minutes of NASA headlines

Naxos Classical Spotlight – a weekly spotlight of a new release from the most venerable recording label in classical music today

Stargate Podcast – The official Stargate podcast hosted by Gateworld’s David Read.

The Prancing Pony Podcast – Alan Sisto and Shawn Marchese host a chapter by chapter look at the works of Tolkien

Real Time with Bill Maher – The HBO late night series, stripped of its video and dropped for free.  Overtime is included on the feed when they air it after the show.

Rebel Force Radio – Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac host one of the longest running and arguably the very best Star Wars podcast on the internet.

Renaissance Festival Podcast – originally started by Marc Gunn in the very earliest days of podcasting, the baton has since been handed off in recent years.  This show is all about the music of your local Ren Faires.

The Shadow Fan’s Podcast – this show spotlights the classic pulp and radio adventurer The Shadow.  The feed hasn’t been active in a while, but I live in hopes it’ll return.

Shuttle Pod – The podcast of Trekmovie.com, this is arguably the best Star Trek podcast on the internet.  With all things Trek moving around under two different companies now, this team is on top of it.

The SoundCast – Christopher Coleman is joined by Kristen Romanelli of Film Score Monthly, Erik Woods of Cinematic Sound Radio, and a sometimes rotating cast of others to discuss film scores and the films they’re attached to.

The Soundtrack Show – video game musician and sound designer David Collins brings his considerable insight and enthusiasm to bear on a weekly look inside the music behind your favorite movies.  This is my current favorite when it comes to film score podcasts.

StarTalk All-Stars – A spin-off series of Star Talk Radio, this one is hosted by Bill Nye, , Emily Rice, Natalia Reagan, Janna Levin, David Grinspoon, and other experts in the world of science, depending upon the topic of discussion.

StarTalk Radio Show with Neil deGrasse Tyson – “your personal astrophysicist” talks science with other experts across all scientific disciplines

Stephen Fry: Great Leap Years – this is a limited series that discusses the leaps of humanity’s technology and its potential ramifications for our future

The Tolkien Professor – Corey Olsen’s primary podcast feed, in the form of online classes and chat discussions about all things Tolkien

Unattended Consequences – fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss and card game designer Max Temkin get on the phone and discuss… well, you have to listen to believe it.  They cover anything.

UnderScore – film score musicians Marty and Will Brueggemann break down and discuss the world of film music.  They’ve been doing this a little longer than Collins’ Soundtrack Show, and the two shows are really perfect compliments of one another.  Excellent insights to help boost one’s appreciation for the music.

Waking Up with Sam Harris – Neuroscientist turned author and philosopher Sam Harris covers a wide variety of topics dealing with science, religion, politics, and all points in between.  Interviews and discussions with fellow authors and experts in those topics make for some incredibly intelligent insight, regardless of which side of an argument you find yourself on.

The Well – Anson Mount and Branan Edgens talk about creativity in every field imaginable because they are bored with the standard celebrity interviews that discuss only that one thing they’re known for.

All this, and a subscription to Audible too.  lol


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