News & Guts: The White House Snubs CNN; All News Organizations Should Take Note

It seems I’m getting more and more political on my blog.  It’s hard for me to sit by and watch as we take more of the same steps that history has proven time and again to lead to tyranny.  I don’t have a lot of love for CNN for a variety of lesser reasons, but I hardly count them as “the enemy,” nor would I value the opinion of a president who would label them as such after being known to inviting interviews from tabloids.  Except that he’s still president.  As dangerously stupid as he can be, he invites later presidents to wield the same powers in the same manner.

What I see here is one giant leap towards fascism.  It’s not a violation of the First Amendment, but it is a slap in the face to its spirit of intent.  Worse, it is most certainly the gateway to censorship, which will have powerful implications in our current age where internet neutrality was wiped away in favor of the almighty dollar.  This is what we call creeping control.  It happens little by little, setting dangerous precedents that build upon themselves.  For a president who claims to have no respect for big government, he is wielding those powers in an effort to dismantle with the intent of a dictator.  That’s not an alarmist claim.  It’s the sobering wisdom passed down from thousands of years of historical example.

Censorship is the enemy of a free and open society.

Any who claim otherwise or try to justify this is siding with the enemy of a free people.  At some point, nation has to become more important than political party if we the Republic we know is going to continue intact, without succumbing to civil war or empire.

8 thoughts on “News & Guts: The White House Snubs CNN; All News Organizations Should Take Note

  1. Thank all the Gods that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I am so incredibly perplexed by how this person, who knows nothing of politics, civics, law or diplomacy, has such power. I’ve seen five year olds with more self control. How many people will it take saying “This is a load of hooey” before some form of sanity is attained?

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