The WordPress.com Blog posted today about podcasting.   I spent some time after that getting all nostalgic.  You see, I was part of a podcast once upon a time.  We won’t discuss which one, and we won’t look back.

I enjoyed the process, even if the components we were working with wasn’t ironed out.  There were a number of reasons it would never be ironed out, not least of which because I had zero creative input despite lip service to the contrary.  I always thought that if I had my own podcast, I could make it work.

Before, the barrier to this was that I had no means to host the podcast.  Since I run a paid site here, WP informs me in their post that this is not a problem.  I’ve got the means to record.  I’ve got the means to edit.  And if I wanted to bother things like iTunes and other such podcatchers, they’ve got the means and directions on how to do that.  Have to be honest, I’m always squirrelly about that sort of thing.  I know, I know… the point of radio is to be heard.  Please forgive the transgirl with vulnerability issues.  I work through these things as I go.

With the means seemingly free and clear, there’s nothing technical keeping me from sitting behind the mic and talking.  This brings us to three very important issues, and I’d like some feedback from those of you who read my blog and might be a little interested in this.

Issue 1: Voice. 

I have a great face for radio, but the sad fact is my voice is more than a bit obnoxious due to a weird semi-regional accent that sometimes gets muddled with other… stuff.  Add to that, being trans, I’m constantly working on my (unsuccessful) feminine voice.  Testosterone poisoning just sucks all around for a girl like me.  The simple fact is, I don’t talk much, and I interact less, so any progress I think I might be making seems to evaporate just as quickly.  That happens when you live your life with noise-canceling headphones.  Also, the climate here is perfect for this train wreck that constantly attacks vocals most of the time.  Excuses, excuses…

Issue 2: Solo or duet?

One of my favorite podcasters is Dan Carlin.  He comes in with a script, and he’s got a delivery style that comes from being both a professional newscaster and from simply being conversational.  It’s a winning combo, and great for solo podcasting.  I could do that, but such takes a ton of extra work and increases the prep time between episodes.  Consistency is key for podcasting.  Personally, I think having someone to talk to on the podcast is a better approach.  In addition to enriching the topic, it enlivens it.  The topic unfolds organically, provided there’s some moderation to keep it from running off topic.  I don’t have a committed co-pilot.

Issue 3: Topic(s)

This might be the hardest part of this to nail down, and as such, this is the part I’d like the most help with.  The idea is you have to have an elevator pitch that can describe this in a single, quick sentence.  We’ve already seen that I have way too many interests to narrow this down too much.  At the same time, something too broad means there’s no identity to the podcast.  The elevator pitch fails.  A friend suggested the idea of books vs. movies.  That’s versatile to cover a lot of ground.  It also requires access to the resources to be discussed and the time to work through them.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does potentially increase the spacing between episodes.  I could just as easily make the podcast something that riffs on all the things I’m doing for this site.  It might work, and it might go off the rails just as easily.  Hard to say.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this.  If you’re interested, please comment below or contact me directly.  Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Podstorming

  1. I was part of a podcast for awhile. I empathize with your problems when it came to ironing out the details of podcasting. Technology is useful, when you can get it to work. I enjoy podcasts that have more than one person. You get more of a range of ideas when there is more than just one person doing the talking. As for an elevator pitch: A podcast dedicated to fandoms covering television, movies, and book series. This would allow you to use it in addition to the projects you have going now. Each episode could be on a different fandom. Just an idea.

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  2. Hi 🙂
    Voice is one of the tougher issues transpeople have to face, especially if we have started HRT as adults. Estradiol, anti-T, progy, etc, help, but not enough, and only in the long term. The clue is training and practicing. Personally, I try to talk quietly, avoiding distortion of the tone, not forcing a higher pitch than my natural one. I surely sound mixed, and unconvincing when I try to go in stealth (I succeed in most of the other aspects, I do pass, but I –like you– must be as laconic as possible, and do not ever speak loud. (Ok, you may squeal at bed, while coming off, but do not get too enthusiastic while having a conversation about literature or Star Trek :))
    *A Hearty Hug* ✨

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  3. TBH – I have a list of Podcasts I intend to listen to – but don’t, because noise. You know how that can be. OTOH, you have a “voice” that I feel needs to be heard, not just because you’re passionate about what you read and watch, but because you actually think about what you’re saying. That’s not so common in this time.
    Regional accent aside, testosterone and allergies might be the big hurdles, but quite honestly, do they matter? Is this something you’d really be comfortable doing – and adding that extra layer of vulnerability to yourself. Or do you think it will make you a stronger, better, version of you?
    From what you’ve written, you could talk about anything. Have a “something of the month” podcast. January be Star Trek. May be The Brontes. November be reading history. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one take on things.

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