Lost and Found

I’m more than a little stunned right now.  So many mixed emotions.

Back in April 2017, my cat Helena bolted out the backdoor and escaped.  I had a report of her since then, and I had a couple of sightings of my own, the last of which was right down the street.  In all cases, she chose freedom, but at least she stopped to say goodbye.

Over the course of the next several months, I heard nothing more.  And during those same months, coyote and bobcat sightings in the area had increased.  We have a nature preserve nearby, and with surrounding wooded areas being cleared to make way for warehouses and apartments, the wildlife had come into the neighborhoods looking for food.  Many, many small pets went missing during that time, usually in the blink of an eye, and often with their distraught people watching. Then the microchip service decided it was time for me to renew.  Having no money to do this, and having feared her long dead by this point, I let her go.  It nearly wrecked me to do it, but I did.  I put it in the hands of the gods and angels that she find life and happiness, cried my heart out, and that was that.

This morning I got a call from the microchip service.  Someone has requested a transfer of ownership on Helena’s chip.  I could probably fight to get her back, but I know that will serve no one.  Whomever is adopting her fell in love as I did, and she will no doubt find the means to escape at the first opportunity.  I’ve had many cats over the years, and this one is very clearly a cunning survivor.  I gave the go-ahead for the transfer.

My heart breaks all over again, but I’m also just relieved she’s alive, and happy she’ll have food and shelter… for as long as she’ll allow it.  Hopefully she’ll just decide to keep her new people.  Somehow I doubt it, but one can dream.

21 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Wow! I can’t believe she turned up again, and you are so kind to give her to a new family! I hope that she settles down and is happy now. It must be such a relief just to know she is alright, even if she’s not with you.

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  2. This puss cat obviously has itchy paws. What a selfless and compassionate thing to do, Emily – I admire you for letting Helena go, even though it clearly upset you to do so. You never know, with her form she may yet show up at your door one day!

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  3. Good to hear she’s not become someone’s breakfast, lunch or dinner! And given what you say about her, more likely than not she’s going to walk in again one day as if nothing had happened. Cats have it that way…

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  4. That’s terrible that so many pets went missing. It’s lovely that you agreed to let another family have a go at keeping her.

    I used to volunteer at an RSPCA cat centre and there was this one cat, Zelma, who just wasn’t made to be caged. She hated all of us, hissing and sulking. When she was finally adopted (poor girl had been there for about 2 years!) she was returned shortly after because she kept wandering and the owner couldn’t deal with the stress. Luckily she got adopted again, for good this time, with a lovely farm couple who had enough land for her to safely roam free, but still be cared for. Some cats are just adventurers

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    • Indeed they are. I’ve known many of them over the years, and Helena fits that bill to a T. She loves scritches and treats, but she never accepted being held, let alone being inside walls. I could always respect that need for freedom.

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