Betrayal in the Candy Dish

Does anyone remember those little candy root beer barrels?  Growing up, I used to love those.  They were always so hard to find in our area, so I pounced on them whenever they popped up.

At work today, I was delivering something on another floor, and I passed by one of the secretarial bays where there’s usually a full candy dish.  I’m typically good about not having any.  But today was different.  It was mostly empty at this point, and I couldn’t help but notice something… barrel shaped.  Could it be?  I moved in closer.  I picked up the individually-wrapped treat and examined it under the light.  It was a barrel-shaped candy.  You could see the details perfectly.  A flood of nostalgia wafted over me.  I’ve not had root beer barrels in years!  Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture!

Oh, WTF?!

It was grape.

In all my years, I’ve never encountered any other flavors of barrel-shaped candy.  It’s root beer or it’s some other shape entirely.  Clearly, I’ve not been kept in the loop.  This is what I get for missing staff meetings at the candy dish.

Ever notice that grape flavor candy tastes nothing like grapes?  But I’m pretty sure that’s what purple tastes like…

17 thoughts on “Betrayal in the Candy Dish

    • I’m not even sure what that is. Cherry flavor tastes like red, so strawberry is… what, exactly? Pink-ish? Fruit candies never taste like fruit to me. I don’t understand how people bought into this lie.


  1. Ah the old bait and switch. That is the worst feeling in the world. I have the same reaction with diet soda. I try to limit my soda intake, but there are some days all I want is a Dr. Pepper. A few times I have gotten diet by mistake. My first reaction is “get a rope.”

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      • I used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper, and drink Diet Coke now, but I know what I’m in for, and I’m not expecting “regular Dr. Pepper” or that battery-acid taste. (There weren’t many diet sodas available around here in the 70s, and I loathe Tab. And I can’t drink the regular forms.)

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        • I remember Tab. *shudder* Love what you love, drink what you have to if you can’t have the regular, no judgment from me on that. I only question the drinks and those who made them. I have a hard time believing they can’t figure out how to make the regular and diet stuff taste the same.


          • Yeah, “more like real Dr. Pepper” -technically that might be true, but there’s still a mile between! “Coke Zero” (or whatever they’re calling it this instant) doesn’t taste just like Coke, either. (Actually, I think it tastes more like New Coke, aka a slightly flat Pepsi.)

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            • New Coke… I remember that atrocity. Got to give credit where it’s due, though. Those masterminds knew that would fail, and they gave us “Coke Classic” with the corn syrup in it. Fooled a lot of people. The real stuff with the sugar in it is still made in Mexico, and they sell it here if you know where to look, sort of like Dublin Dr. Pepper with the real sugar. So much better than the corn syrup versions.


              • I was in a college theater production right as they were replacing Coke with New Coke, and we were all really worried about one of the kids in the performance, who was about 12 and simply adored Coke. (His opinion of New Coke was not printable.) Luckily our campus was probably one of the last places in America with Old Coke in the machines – which is funny because the school was funded almost entirely by the Candler family. (I know it was one of the last places in Atlanta with Old Coke available.)

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  2. Grape-flavour …
    The only thing that is meant to taste like grapes is grapes. I’m not even accepting an argument for grape juice…because, clearly, that is just wine that has gone wrong.

    But grape-flavoured candy…. yuuuuuuuck.

    Even worse when it was meant to be root beer flavour. :(

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  3. BLASPHEMY!!!! The big Furry Hat has ordained that no other candies shall be barrel shaped and taste anything other than root beer.

    Seriously, I’m on the floor cringing right now….

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