Terrarium 3.0

A couple of years ago, I got this idea that I’d like to have a terrarium in my home library.  Keeping in mind that I don’t have a green thumb at all, and that I’ve managed to kill “lucky bamboo” twice (admittedly some 15 years ago), I got all the components and put it together.  Terrarium 1.0 lasted a couple of months, but it turns out it was invaded by snails that were hiding in the plants I put in there.  For terrarium 2.0, I decided to go from seed.  I thought I’d spread the seeds out, but for whatever reason, everything grew together in a single tangled mass in the center.  It lasted a few months before it simply choked itself.

I’ve decided it’s time to try again.  I finally cleaned everything out and got everything prepared.  I’m letting the soil hydrate right now.  It doesn’t take much at all.  I need to get some plant food spikes, and then I’ll be ready to drop in some seeds — more evenly spaced this time.  I’ve got a mix of wildflower seeds, so seeing what happens will be half the fun.

13 thoughts on “Terrarium 3.0

  1. I like experimenting with your terrarium. :)

    I would forget the seeds though and go with already sprouted plants. Or sprout the seeds in a separate container and then transplant to the terrarium. That way you won’t get clumps and you can put them where you want them. Also don’t mix plants with different living requirements e.g. cactus + moss isn’t going to work. I found a mossy type grass or grassy type moss that made tiny little yellow flowers in my yard. It seems to go dormant in winter (or I killed it), but something like that may be useful in your terrarium.

    Can you please keep us updated with the terrarium? Step by step?

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