16 States Are Trying to Make Make It Legal to Fire People for Being Transgender

From Transgender Universe:

16 States Are Trying to Make Make It Legal to Fire People for Being Transgender

Because there’s not enough hate and prejudice in the world, and because transpeople aren’t already dumped upon enough even though fully 84% of the population has never even met any of us.  It’s just one more way for us to be dehumanized, for the message to be reinforced that we do not matter.  That’s the message that causes so many trans lives to end in murder or suicide.  This kind of nonsense is why I fly under the radar in the “real” world, but that decision has deep consequences.  Still, apparently it’s good that I do operate this way, seeing as how my home state of Texas is on the list of haters.  No surprise there either, but still… grr.

Grr, I say.




24 thoughts on “16 States Are Trying to Make Make It Legal to Fire People for Being Transgender

  1. The Monsters that hide in their “Morality”. Fear the unknown, and become the hateful thing that causes willful destruction of people who lose their means to survive in this already too expensive world. Yet they claim to be the better people. Isn’t that always the way? The villains who will always see themselves as the heroes of their own stories? So much I’ve read about the past few days, and it’s got me sick to my stomach at just how much hate there really is, no matter how innocuous or serious it is.

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  2. What the actual fuck? Half the time I think this kind of toxicity is a reason to feel up people’s genitals, just “to verify” that they are what they appear to be. That’s bull. The other half the time, I’m wondering what it is that these people are so screamingly afraid of? That this is something that they might “catch” and somehow become “less” of a person? I seriously, and completely do not understand. If someone felt unhappy with their weight or shape, and spent years working to be all buff or fit, we’d applaud the hell out of them – but try being something different internally? Who the hell are these people to tell anyone how they feel on the inside?
    I feel sick.

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  3. See…this subject is really a non-subject to me, meaning, getting all sideways about gender is about as useless as getting wadded panties over race. Like Liz said, we are all unique people.

    I’ve met many transgenders as a Driver License Examiner. Renewals, gender re-assignment on their DLs… The females who switched to males were handsome. The males who switched to females were pretty. They were nervous as hell…of course, many are nervous in front of a DL Examiner…but, I enjoyed visiting with them and many would talk of their experiences. I’d like to think that they walked away from our meeting feeling that not all DL Examiners are mean. Many shook my hand.

    Firing people for gender should be as illegal as it is to fire someone for race. I am not religious but, you can’t fire someone for beliefs, either.

    This is ridiculous.

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    • I couldn’t agree more, on all points. But the idea of picking up pitchforks and torches and going after monsters is as old as time. I sometimes think it’s just the fundamental idea that most cisgender males can’t contemplate the idea of losing their own balls, so it hits all of the primal panic buttons.

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      • We fear what we don’t understand and removing the fear-inducing [insert scary thing here] is the knee-jerk reaction.

        I will say, tho, the long list of recognized genders is a bit confusing. I suppose I would be classified as a cisgender female but, I am quite androgynous in appearance and manner.

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          • Goodness. Gender labels. I just suddenly thought about nursery school. We would all line up to get sandwiches for lunch…all kinds for all kids. Most kids went for the peanut butter & jelly. I went after bologna or ham. I still can’t stand PB&J. But, I remember getting into an argument with another kid about it. “You’re WEIRD!” as she scowled at me. We were all of 4 yrs old.

            Here is my label:
            A non-PB&J eating soul.

            There. 🤗

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