No Bloglovin for Me

If you were paying attention (or if you got email updates), you saw that I tried to “claim my blog” on Bloglovin, which required posting the link here.  The instructions are simple enough, but it didn’t work at all, even after several attempts.  I’ve deleted my account over there already, though anyone can still follow the blog over there if they have a mind to.  Apparently I had a few followers over there.  But I have no desire to futz around in an uphill battle with any social media platform, so… screw it.  I’ll take it as a sign from the Omniverse that I didn’t need it anyway.

Just an aside… I had a similar problem with Twitter back when it was brand new.  It certainly turned out for the best that I’m not there either.  lol

12 thoughts on “No Bloglovin for Me

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