A Long Weekend

Have you ever taken a long weekend and felt like you needed another weekend to recover from it?  Of course you have.  Everyone has at some point.

Every so often, I blog about my personal life, so if you’re new around here (welcome, btw!) and haven’t seen one of these types of posts… it happens.  It’s all part of the show…

I think we can all agree that the internet is an interesting place, yes?  Some of us might find more than a little trepidation about actually meeting people we get to know online.  What if…?  There are a thousand “what ifs,” ranging from the benign yet awkward to the truly dangerous.  Add in one part introversion and one part sensory overload, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed out in public in the best of times, let alone while try to make a good first impression.

A funny thing happens, however, when you discover your new friend is every bit on the same tier as your most trusted inner circle.  That circle gets just a little bigger to encompass her, no further questions needed.  These are the friends I value far more than family.  That’s how the bulk of Friday went for me.  I was able to meet a very dear friend, who in turn welcomed me into her world.  We met for breakfast, stayed for lunch, and talked well into the afternoon about all kinds of things.  A most solid start for a long weekend, wouldn’t you say?

The way it was supposed to have played out from there played out a bit differently than expected.  The plan was that I was supposed to pick up my Dad and my sister from the airport early Saturday morning and then drive Dad back to his house.  They were coming in from an Alaskan vacation, and there’s only one plane that goes in and out of there.  If it’s delayed, there’s no helping it.  Well, it was delayed by 13 hours.  Instead of picking them up at 6 am, they landed at 9 pm.  That in itself wasn’t much of a problem for me.  I stayed at home and enjoyed the rain-induced neighborhood quiet.  The problem was that the airport’s layout isn’t so great to navigate in the dark, their app is terrible about updating things, and even if the app had updated correctly, the plane still taxied in at a different gate from what the app said and from what the the signs inside the airport were saying.  Thankfully it had stopped raining by then, and there were no babies crying, otherwise I’d have called it a perfect airport trip.  My sister texted me the new information once the plane landed, and I was watching the arrivals sign tell me differently and then change.  I had to keep driving around and finding new places to park, and it got plenty stupid, made worse by the fact that the airport had some kind of new pickup / drop-off policy, so there were people everywhere telling you where you could and couldn’t go, even if you were following the new guidelines already.  It was a clusterfuck.  It was largely unnecessary.  While I was waiting on them, all of the major highways between the airport and my house were suddenly victims of traffic accidents and backlogs, so I had to go from the basic center of the Metroplex, around to the East side, and circle back around to the Southern area where I live.  By the time I fell asleep, it was nearly midnight.  Then I was wide awake at 3 am for no reason.

And that brings us to Sunday.  I’m exhausted out of my mind (always a good way to start a day of road tripping), but I go pick up Dad, we do breakfast so I can get properly coffee’d up, and then I take him home.  Mom convinces me to stay for lunch.  Not really sure why I said yes knowing that traffic was going to be a nightmare in the afternoon (it always is on Sundays on the I-35 corridor).  But I did.  Somewhere along the line, the topic came up about the break-in I had at my house a few months back.  They asked if I’d replaced my TV yet.  For those not in the know there, the alarm went off when they kicked in the back door, stopping the thieves from actually taking anything in a timely manner.  Even so, they destroyed the TV outright when they couldn’t unplug everything fast enough.  I hadn’t replaced it.  I’ve largely been using my computer for video content, but between an unstable desktop system and an under-powered laptop, it’s less than ideal.

Long story short, Dad bought me a new TV.  It was his way of apologizing for things that got heated beyond all reason the last time I was there for a visit a couple of months back, wherein I bailed and cut off communications until my sister requested the airport drop-off and pickup.  Have to admit, I didn’t expect this one.  And I tried to resist, but there are times when you just can’t refuse such things without making the situation worse.  The thing is, I still feel like it reinforces this idea that throwing money at a situation somehow makes negative behavior acceptable.  It’s sort of his modus operandi.  I also feel like that’s secondary to simply accepting the gesture in the spirit of intent.

And so, Sunday concluded with me driving back home in bumper to bumper traffic that thankfully kept moving in spite of the density of it all, and then setting up the new TV.  That had its own challenges, which included the foot stands being spaced just too wide to fit on the box unit I had (the previous TV had a wide, central base unit instead of side legs).  One trip to Home Depot later to get a large board for the TV to sit on, and all is more or less right in the world on that front.

I have to admit, it kind of makes me want to do more movie reviews for the site now.  I have that Mouse Magic blog project that sort of stopped cold a while back, and with Halloween coming up fast, it’s always fun to watch old monster movies.  There are so many classics I’ve not blogged about yet on this site for Project: Monster.  And, of course, I can return Star Trek to all of its big screen glory (which will be awesome when I finally make it to the films).  But first, I need to reconcile this sense of guilt for accepting a gift like a TV in the first place.  It seems inappropriate on a number of levels for all that back there when I know that nothing has been resolved, and it’ll only start back up again at the next opportunity.  It’ll work itself out one way or another.

This morning, the only thing that really matters in the short term is coffee.  So tired…

18 thoughts on “A Long Weekend

  1. Don’t you just adore the “love bombs”? The “I know I fucked up, so here’s my apology made from what I value – cash – and not what you value, heart?” It’s… draining. Should that cycle ever end in my family, I personally will drop dead from shock. I’m sorry it was so ugly.

    BUT – Hahahaha! Thank you from the bottom of my soul for such an amazing and entertaining Friday. I can’t imagine it going better; unless of course we could have placed a “mufflato” charm around us to minimize the sounds of other people and music and screeching chairs. If that is the worst thing that ever happens when we’re together, then we are truly blessed. It’s that simple. I feel like you’re another peice of the puzzle, to answering those wonderful soul contracts, and to being truly open to who we really are. 😘😊

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