Sarah Brightman’s New Album: Hymn

There aren’t many vocalists out there anymore who inspire anticipation in me for a new album.  Many of the greats are gone now, others are simply hanging it up.  But there are some still pushing forward.  Sarah Brightman is one of them.  I adore her.

It’s been five years since Sarah’s last studio album, Dreamchaser.  That’s the longest gap between releases for her that there’s ever been in her career.  I’d known she was planning on releasing her next one this fall for a while now, but as is typical these days, everything’s all hush-hush until the big reveal.  One thing she’s proven on stage repeatedly is that she knows how to make an entrance.

Yesterday, I learned that pre-sale tickets for her world tour in my area go on sale next week, with the concert here being in late February.  I can’t afford it.  It’s a bummer because I have seen her last three tours for Harem, Symphony, and Dreamchaser, each of which was spectacular.  Even more beyond my reach, I can’t afford the $900 for the backstage meet and greet.  Ah, well.  it was good while it lasted.  But… it meant that if pre-sale was happening, it also means the album itself is up for pre-order.  And it is!  I’ve done that now!

Turns out, this is the beginning of the promotion.  From Sarah’s website (where you can hear a sample of the first single from the album):

“Sogni” is the first single from the album, HYMN. Composer and producer Frank Peterson describes the operatic “Sogni” as “a mash-up” of two arias from two different operas by French composer Georges Bizet and flawlessly sung by Brightman and French tenor Vincent Niclo.

I’m not sure where the idea for a mash-up came from, but it works.  I rather enjoy what I’m hearing.  Of course, I’m chomping the bit to hear the entirety of the new album.  The countdown has officially begun.

I found this little behind the scenes promo video online, figured I’d share for those interested.

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