Winds of Change

Timing is everything.

This weekend, I picked up the iHome Zenergy, which combined with melatonin, my evening meditation rituals, and the other tools of the trade that I implement to block out obnoxious neighborhood noise, all seems to be working well in conjunction.  I’m now at three nights and three mornings of restful sleep and pleasantly wakeful mornings.

But here’s where the interesting timing comes into play.  I got a message from my therapist yesterday.  It seems that as of the beginning of 2019, she’ll no longer be in network on the insurance.  That means that, for my purposes, the clock is now ticking before I’m no longer in therapy.  This was never meant as a long term situation.  The goal was to learn to think differently, learn some tips and tools, and then employ what works over the course of my lifetime.  All things considered, I think I’ve done rather well, and she seems to agree.  We’ll no doubt discuss this development in the next session.  All I know right now is that sleep makes a world of positive difference.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night, turned the dream sound back on so that the delta frequencies could hit me again, turned off the colored lamp, and faded back to sleep.  This is what I’m talking about: the right tools for the right job!

Now that this solid foundation is there, I’m going to start building those positive energies and turning them to advantage.  It’ll take some work, but I’ve never been afraid of a little work.

A change is coming.

11 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. I’m so very glad that you’re getting the rest and restoration you need!

    There is nothing quite so frustrating as finding out your insurance has determined that mental health isn’t a priority… *grrrr*

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  2. I have to sleep with a breathe-right strip & ear plugs. And, I always balance & charge my chakras. Sometimes, I burn sage or just a candle (remains of the day).

    Therapy is just a door to pass thru, not a room to stay in. I’ve had a few years of that and a couple of years of Codependents Anonymous.

    Sounds like your therapist has grown weary of the insurance leviathan that sucks the life out of everything “healing”. They are all about money, not care.

    Sounds like the Universe is shutting your door. Maybe you don’t need it anymore?

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    • Never had to do the breathing strip, but earplugs ate part of the arsenal sometimes. The chakra balancing is part of the practice, but they’ve not been balances in years. I think that’s finally happened. Never could burn sage. I’m allergic. And it stinks something fierce. There are alternatives though

      Agreed, it’s a tool, nothing more.

      She’s good. She’s always willing to fight insurance. I suspect the insurance got tired of her.

      It’s possible. We actually talked about that today in session. We’re looking at ramping to exit in 3 or 4 more sessions, tops, if I stay on track. I didn’t want to assume without consulting her though. Sometimes it’s a sign, sometimes just coincidence.

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