Becoming Limitless

If you’re one of those who have followed along on this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been breaking out of my comfort zone for a while now.  Cracking my shell.  Coming out.  Becoming more.

I unlocked a lot of secrets a number of years ago.  It blew my mind.  When I went forward to look for proof, I was slapped down for it because the illusion in place I was trying to see past is incredibly powerful.  I’ve since paid bitterly for choosing to believe the illusion of the world instead of the light of truth within myself because I couldn’t reconcile the differences between what I knew and what I experienced.  To use a reference from that time, I plugged myself back into the Matrix once I learned what was going on.  My reward for doing so was living a nightmare program that I knew was just that, a program.  It was in my power to change it at any point, and for every step forward I took to do so, I got knocked back for my efforts.  Ironically, the program chose to do its damage by denying me sleep, thus keeping me from waking up to my true potential.  It threatened my health at all levels — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  I’ve been clawing my way out the past few months, using all of the tools and resources I have, assembling more, and in recent days I’ve finally broken free.  I look back at the prison I was in, and I see it for what it is: nothing.  Emptiness.

No more.

I’m to the point in my personal development where I’ve made an agreement with myself to be as true as I can in my words and deeds, and to acknowledge that no one and no thing has any power over me other than any power I choose to give them.  I choose to surrender my power no more.  More than that, I choose to build my power and use it for greater things.  I live in love.

In any belief system, you will hear the same beats echoed.  For some, they’ll read it literally and lose the meaning.  For others, they’ll see only the beauty, but they won’t accept it beyond the symbolic.  It’s a classic case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Literally and figuratively.  We’ve made a living nightmare of our world because we’ve surrendered our truest power.  The nightmare is the program, reinforced with this notion that “it could always be worse,” as if that was the justification for not having better.  Or “this is the best we can ever have,” a true acknowledgment of surrender if ever there was one.  Or –the most crippling, most depressing one of all — “it is what it is.”

No.  A thousand times, NO.

It is what we choose it to be.

I’ve seen people write up a storm all over the blogosphere, sharing their beliefs.  Many of them are beautiful beyond words.  Sometimes they clash with my own beliefs or with those of others, or appear to on the surface.  They still click together underneath, for those who have ears to hear.  But we get lost in the petty details that were etched there and hammered home for the purpose of exacerbating the program.  The program only wants one thing: absolute control and domination of the masses.  That’s the power we’ve given it.  To keep that power growing, whenever someone sees a little more than the program does, those plugged into the program reach up and try to pull people back down.  Or as the song says, “Some people get their kicks stompin’ on a dream.”  You must be part of the collective.  Sheeple of Borg.  Conform to the program.  Be a good little automaton, and you can have a cookie at the end of your run time.

No.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

We are limitless beings having a physical experience.  You, me, everyone.  All of us.  We are God/dess.  We are manifest like fractals, each of us different in every way, all of us the same light with the same patterns.  We are reflections of one another, each of us having an experience that is a fraction of the whole.  We are light.  We are the same light that powers the stars and warms our hearts.  Energy and matter are the same to us, only vibrating at different speeds.  We created the illusion.  We can choose to break it with our light.  It will fight back as it’s been trained to do, as we told it to do.  Of course it will.  It’s persistent.  We need not fear it.  Where light is omnipresent, there is no shadow.  Even in the darkness of space, there is no true darkness.  Energy moves at unseen frequencies, constantly creating, constantly moving, constantly reshaping.

This is who we are.  This is our true power.  The only question that remains is, now that we know, what will we choose to do with it?  More of the same?  You can’t do the same things and expect different results.

It’s time to dream bigger, to create better.  This is the path I choose.  I acknowledge the challenges in my path, and I dismiss them just as quickly.  I am not afraid of them.  The obstacle is the way.

15 thoughts on “Becoming Limitless

  1. Holy Cow – this is the most powerful and beautiful statement of moving forward I’ve ever run across. (It may get printed and put on the dream board) I love it, I love you, and I love that you’re embracing all the wonder that is Emily. Move forward, Sister, and show people how making a choice changes things.

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  2. Lovely post Emily, I’ve never been a leader but I sure as hell have never been a drown to the system either, I’ve been in left feald some were trying to figure out life my own way.
    Glad to hear you got off the clone train Emily.


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