The Struggle Bus

Life has a funny way of testing your resolve.

Insomnia returned with a vengeance last night, making this morning harder to deal with after several mornings of “better.”

They changed out the lightbulbs above my desk at work, so now it’s blinding to the point of migraine-inducing.

Allergies have kicked into high gear.

My phone’s battery had a rapid discharge last night and again this morning, ever so slowly recharging at a mere fraction of its normal speed.

And the list goes on.  I won’t bore you with all of it.  The point is, it’s a bunch of little petty things that are designed to piss me off.  I can take a crisis in stride, but death by a thousand paper cuts is a thing.  It’d be laughable if it weren’t so predicable.  But I will not break.  Just because I know my identity, that doesn’t mean I have to be perfect.  I merely have to acknowledge the lessons for what they are.  These are tests of my spirit, to recognize that they are tests.  I pass by acknowledging them and not losing my shit.  I pass by looking at the Omniverse and saying, “Thank you for showing me how to take another step forward.”

The trick, then, is to take the step forward, proving your resolve.  I’ve got the materials to put together a vision board, except for the board.  I ordered that online, and it’ll be here tomorrow evening.  I’ll put that together over the weekend.  This evening, my meditations will ramp up in the additional forms of Qigong and Tai Chi.  And perhaps a little negativity cleansing before I begin wouldn’t hurt either.  I’ll post at some point about the “why” behind those if anyone’s interested.  But for now… it’s time to get the energy moving and building.

20 thoughts on “The Struggle Bus

  1. As you tell me so often, “hang in there” – and you know change will happen. I’m glad you’re setting up a vision board. The more ways you can find to recharge that powerful part of yourself, using all of your senses, the better!

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