5 thoughts on “Transgender Universe: New Study Finds Genetic Link to Gender Dysphoria in Transgender Women

  1. The last study this report mentions (and links to) includes my late sister’s blood sample, and so her DNA. We also took part in another genetic research, relative to trans-people, being carried in Barcelona. Much beyond empiric evidence so far, it seems quite clear that two transfeminine sisters –even if to a different degree– do not come to exist by simple chance (some doctors said that my case could be one of behavioural mimicry, but the fact is that I had gender issues before my younger sister began to express hers, and furthermore we both naturally developed some physical traits that could not be seen as masculine –at least, not much…; gynecomastia among others.

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  2. THIS is the kind of fabulous cool and interesting stuff that people need to know about! It’s literally how you are made – not some choice made to randomly piss off the uptight.

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