News & Guts: Trump Seeks To Terminate Birthright Citizenship

Let’s take a deeper look at what this means for those who have never actually paid attention to either history classes, government classes, or the Star Wars prequels.  The executive in chief, i.e., Trump, thinks that he has the power of the pen to completely overwrite an amendment to the U. S. Constitution.  The Supreme Court, who would be the ones to rule on that and smack him down are no longer beyond partisanship.  And if done before the mid-term election next Tuesday, both the Senate and the House have shown zero backbone when it comes to standing up to this guy.  In theory, and in worst case scenario, Trump signs this order, the Court backs him up in a classic 5-4 split, and… this establishes a new precedent where the Constitution no longer has meaning.

I want every citizen of the U. S. to really think about that.  It sounds outlandish.  It sounds improbable.  This is how dictators seize power.  This is how democracy dies.

One other point to consider here.  If this order were to somehow stand, it also means that there would be no more citizens born in the U. S.  Not ever.  It starts here with babies born to non-citizens, but how long before that changes?  Every single person born here would have to apply for citizenship.  Those with the resources and the silver spoons, of course, would have the back channels cleared.  The other 99% would be illegal upon birth.  And any pregnant mother could conceivably be charged for smuggling in a non-registered person.  This is the stuff of the worst dystopian sci-fi you’ve ever heard of.

This is not normal.  This is a toddler on a power trip.  Assuming we can pull him out of power at some point, whoever succeeds him will be in a position to use that same power to overwrite Constitutional amendments to pick off any other ones.  But even before that happens, Trump would start with his nemesis, the press.  Freedom of the press is Amendment One, along with speech, religion… you get the idea.  Slavery?  That could be reinstated.  After all, people aren’t citizens anymore.

Given his horrific responses in the wake of the mail bombs and the synagogue shooting, does anyone else want to pretend that Trump isn’t a monster?

Welcome to the new season of The Man in the High Castle… reality television edition.


26 thoughts on “News & Guts: Trump Seeks To Terminate Birthright Citizenship

  1. Not related to what Trump’s doing because frankly, I haven’t looked, but in Germany, citizenship is determined by the nationality of the parents rather than the place of birth, as in, I am German because my mother and father were German, not because I was born on German soil. Not sure how things are done all over the world, but it always struck me as odd that people were American by virtue of the fact that they were born on American soil. I thought parents and their ancestry mattered more than the physical location of one’s birth.

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    • Then, things have changed over the years in Germany…possibly due to reunification.

      My ex-hubby was stationed in Germany with his, then, first wife. His first son was born under the German flag in a German hospital in 1984, not on an American Army base. He was given a German birth certificate and immediate citizenship. He retained dual citizenship until he turned 18 and the US told him he had to pick one. That was my stepson for a time and I saw the German birth certificate.

      My ex, nor his ex, are of German descent. He is Italian. She is a Portuguese/Finnish mix.

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      • Very interesting. I was aware that things have changed since I last looked, and of course, both the reunification of Germany and the formation of the EU have jumbled things up a lot.

        I also think the whole dual citizenship thing has changed in the meantime. When I was still there, one had to decide upon turning 18 or 21 or something, but that seemed to be different for different nationalities. I remember a half Turkish, half German kid having to decide, and a half Norwegian, half German kid not having to decide… Might be something similar to the visa waiver programs here, that some nationalities are treated differently than others due to the political relations the countries have with each other.

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        • Well, the prompt for him to choose came from the American side. Germany never said squat…to my knowledge. I would imagine that since he was born under the German flag, he still retains German citizenship from their viewpoint. But, I am speculating.

          Another blogger, Britchy from Bitchin In The Kitchen, is a naturalized American citizen. I asked her if Britain required her to choose or if she had dual. She said, something to the effect of, Britain didn’t care about her American citizenship and still considered her ‘under the crown’. From the American viewpoint, she became a citizen and her British history is irrelevant. From Britain’s point of view, she is just “living in the US, temporarily.” Heh. She thought it was funny.

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