Have a Nice Day by Billy Crystal, Quinton Peeples

This Audible Original title was recorded live from a stage performance.  Before I get going, let’s just drop the synopsis here:

Have a Nice Day features a live multi-cast script reading captured over two evenings at Minetta Lane Theatre in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Tony and Emmy Award winner Billy Crystal leads an all-star cast including Oscar winner Kevin Kline (President David Murray) and four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening (First Lady Katherine Murray) in a performance of this hilarious and poignant story about a man desperately scrambling to put his affairs in order: to save his presidency, his marriage, his relationship with his daughter—and possibly his life.

President David Murray starts the day in crisis. He’s lost control of Congress, has to decide whether to run for a second term, and his wife and teenage daughter are barely talking to him. What’s more, the Angel of Death has sent a rather inept “repo man” who is at the foot of his bed, giving him only one more day to live.

Cast members include Justin Bartha, Irene Bedard, Annette Bening, Chris Cafero, Dick Cavett, Auli’i Cravalho, Billy Crystal, Rachel Dratch, Darrell Hammond, Christopher Jackson, Robert King, Kevin Kline, and Robin Thede.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on interpersonal relationships.  It’s been a rough week.  I needed a little something light-hearted and funny.  This month’s selections of Audible Originals came up, I saw this title, and it seemed to fit the bill.  What I did not expect was that it would bring the lessons I’ve learned this week full circle in the process of giving me a laugh.  I should have known better, really.  The best stories are human ones.  The contrast between the laughs and the heart really hit home.

It’s ironic that I can’t really remember the last time I thought sympathetically about our elected representative in the Oval Office.  That might be the second greatest gift about this play, that there’s a reminder of normalcy about it.  What we’ve lost, what would could have again if we hold true to the idea of electing someone who will do for the most Americans instead of doing the most of the wealthiest ones.  But that message is secondary to the story of what’s most important in our daily lives.

The play is about an hour and 45 minutes long, and well worth the listen.  It translates as a radio play very well as it was performed as such complete with script stands and sound effects.  Highly recommended.

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