Second Thoughts on the Mid-Terms

I’ve had more time to think about the mid-term elections, and the more I wrap my head around this, the more hope I have.  Thank you to some very dear friends, a couple of unintentionally helpful coworkers, a whole slew of online political articles for helping me to see some of the positives.  I’m reminded that we have some new blood at the local and state levels, which is always a good thing.  We have an historic number of women entering into Congress, many of whom are minority and some of whom are even LGBTQIA+… from unlikely states, such as Kansas.  Seriously.  And a Muslim from Minnesota.  It’s not that people like this don’t exist.  It’s that we never hear from them.  So… forward progress and a pleasant break from some stereotyping.  Thinking ahead, today’s new House members could be tomorrow’s Senate.  Darth Turtle won’t be able to hold that post forever.  And with new blood, that means Pelosi can be replaced at some point too.  She is so not a leader.

I think the thing that gives me the most hope, scarily enough, is the dictatorial toddler-like backlash from Trump.  He’s clearly afraid.  His fear gives me hope.  Such ravings also may inspire some true leadership options from both left and right for the 2020 race, and it may also limit Trump’s usefulness to Darth Turtle.  That’s how it’s played on the right, after all: the president is there to sign and distract, nothing more, nothing less.

Some of my initial fears that I didn’t voice this morning are still in play, but as much as I draw from historical example… the last time the world got a shit show of this magnitude, Caligula was in control.  Not exactly a 1:1 parallel example, for which I’m rather grateful.

So… as much as I’m overwrought with disappointment that Ted Cruz is still somehow in his seat, continuing to make Texas look bad, there are some potential new allies in the Congress who are there precisely because of all that back there the last two years.  And from the sounds of it, there are many voters on both sides of the aisle that want to improve the fairness and ease of access in the voting process.  That’s certainly welcome!

Maybe I just need to let news marinate a while before I blog.  Or at the very least, the morning coffee needs to marinate me completely first.  In any case, I’m standing down for now and returning my life and my blog to… something better.

2 thoughts on “Second Thoughts on the Mid-Terms

  1. I still think Cruz looks like a constipated reptile trying to smile….
    I don’t know what to think or feel. That Trumplstiltskin is in fear is good, but he’s also more unstable when he’s scurred. As if that were a likelihood. I hope Darth Turtle chokes on his own vitriol and bitterness.

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