The Morning After

The 2018 mid-term elections are over.  Let the next phase begin, all too predictably.

First I blogged a rant.  Then I blogged some predictions based on historical models.  And then I decided that all of it would fall on deaf ears, so I just erased it all again and started over.  People know how they voted, and they will have to live with their own consciences.  They will tell themselves all sorts of excuses, but the fact remains that there is no greater face of evil than the one who wears the mask of good.  People are embracing it all out of fear of “the other.”

My country is marching with jackboots towards civil war and empire.  The tribalism runs too deep for some people to see anything else, and history has seen this play out many times over.  I and those like me remain targets, identified as “the other,” to be sacrificed should my country cross the line.  People voted for this, even if they don’t know it.  And, thankfully, some voted against it.

I have made great strides this year in overcoming myself after a lifetime of marinating in the negativity of those around me and magnifying it within myself.  I have begun to undo some of the damage, but I have much work to do.  I have to continue to disrupt the cycles that would tear me apart from the inside out.  I have to perpetuate new cycles that better serve my goals.  I have to be the change I wish to see in the world, regardless of how the world itself unfolds around me.  I have to overcome myself before anything else, but that has to come not through fear, but through acceptance and positive growth.

The alternative is all too real to me.  See the above example.


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