Into the Circle

I feel like I owe everyone who reads this blog an apology.  The midterm elections made me crazy.  The politics around them continue to make me a little crazy when I allow it.  That right there… that’s the key.  I allowed it to happen.  So, to myself and to all of you who read this blog, know that I am actively doing what I must to break that cycle.  My thoughts direct how my life unfolds, and I’d much rather be a lady in full control than a fearful bitch backed into a corner.  Being that my personal energies tend to be stronger in the dark months, I can’t afford to plant seeds like that.  Here’s me, digging them all up and burning them in effigy.  Fire: it’s the ultimate purifier.  In its wake, it leaves behind fertile soil to plant anew.

That brings me to the topic I want to discuss today.  Not so long ago, I put my energies into the idea of becoming limitless.  What I meant by that, which I’d like to reiterate here, is that I recognize myself as being one and the same as the God/dess who created me.  And regardless of how limited our own thinking may be in these prepackaged mortal states, I recognize the same in all of you.  Yes, even Trump, weird as that may seem… not that he needs any more of an ego trip, but hopefully you get the idea.  It’s a pity he’s such a snake oil salesman.  He’s actually quite powerful when it comes to manifestation, which is, sadly, why so many continue to flock to his banner even when they know he doesn’t align with their core beliefs.  It’s also proof positive that any of us has that same ability.  It’s how we direct it, and what we’re willing to accept, that defines us.

I’ve been giving serious consideration to my eclectic spiritual path.  Some of you have encouraged me to blog more about it.  While I’m trying to be more conscious of the timing of it all — silence being the key component for any manifestation to reach full potential — there are some things that can be discussed.  Words have power.  Sound is a form of magic.  Always has been.  It’s why music is the most powerful form of creative art we have.  “In the beginning there was the Word.”  Sound familiar?  Writing is another form of magic, the symbolic representation of sound.  And when we consider that everything is energy, what greater power do we all utilize every single day than the internet?  Cyberspace has a lot of potential.  It’s why we’re obsessed with social media, it’s why advertising and marketing is king, and it’s why we become enslaved to our digital messenger in our pockets or purses if we’re not careful.  That, too, is how magic works.  We can utilize any power, and if we’re not conscious and careful, that power can utilize us.  That’s also why it’s so important to cultivate fertile ground within the subconscious mind in order to plant seeds.  Have you ever given thought to just how many unconscious seeds are planted on the internet?  And have you considered how few people actually discern the wheat from the chaff?  I know… you, dear readers, are the ones who pick things apart and give serious thought to such things.  That’s why we’re friends, after all.  Even if our beliefs differ, we’re not the type to rush wildly into clickbait.

I see the rules about what to do and what not to do written in every holy scripture ever written, and most of them have been twisted by the dogmas put in place to control the masses.  Says a lot for the understanding of those standing between the word and the masses, doesn’t it?  That’s part of what made the Reformation so scary to Catholicism, the idea that you don’t need a middleman between you and God.  It’s a great idea, even if the execution (if you’ll pardon the pun) left much to be desired.  Religion is messy because people are messy.  When people feel the need to control others in thought or deed, that’s where it becomes dangerous, and that’s where understanding of God/dess ceases.  But one-on-one… the mysteries and the mystics who peer into them… the nature of these things haven’t changed one iota since early proto-humans first looked up into the night sky and asked “what if?”  That sense of wonder is the essence of magic.  Or, if you need to be all new-agey about it, magick — with a k.  Some feel the need to differentiate between illusory stage magic and high fantasy wizardry.  Whatever gets you through the night, you know?  See, I pick on my own just as much as I pick on the Christians or anyone else.  And I’m just as judgmental about it all too, a personal failing I’m working on.  It still comes down to dogma.  I truly do not like nor respect dogma.  The very nature of dogma undermines the power we all represent.  Neither Harry Houdini nor Harry Potter represent the power of the God/dess, and I’m not going to quibble with those who don’t get it, and especially with those who really don’t want to.  I have no desire to argue or debate.  I have a job to do.  Many jobs, in fact.  This world needs me, and I need this world.  As with the God/dess, we are one and the same.  As my deceased friend and teacher would sometimes exclaim when it came time to cast a circle, “Put your mortal mess to the side — I don’t have time for it!”  There’s so much irony in that statement.  I sometimes wonder if she gave it any thought.

As we passed Samhain, I’ve been giving thought once more to my friend, and to the mantle of what she tried to build in her lifetime.  As many as were in her circle, she left no true successors to her legacy, and indeed, it pretty much fizzled and dried up before she left us… but not before she planted some ideas within me.  The more I consider it, the more I want to reinstate it all.  But unlike her, I will be far more discerning about who enters into circle with me.  “Perfect love and perfect trust”… these are not just pretty words.  These are the keys to power, the will of the God/dess manifest within us.  What we do with those keys is simple: we serve.  To serve is to give all that we are, in perfect love and in perfect trust.  We all do this in some way.  The trick is to become aware of it.  To give our full attention in a conversation.  To give unconditionally to those who depend on us for survival.  To offer our love and support to those we care about each and every day, even when it’s taken for granted.  If we do not take it for granted, neither does God/dess.  Where we put our energy, that’s where we manifest.  The Law of Attraction isn’t about what we want or what we desire, it’s about who we are and who we become through cultivation. If we want something, we demonstrate we don’t have it, and thus we focus on the want and get more of it.  If we plant rose seeds, we get roses.  If we plant acorns, we get oaks.  This is how anything works in this world.  If we plant lack, we get lack.  If we plant abundance, we get abundance.  And if we plant perfect love and perfect trust, we get the power of the God/dess flowing through us.

But like my friend and teacher, and like myself, sometimes the confines of mortal life can seem overwhelming and undermine all of this.  That’s why it’s so important to cultivate a spiritual practice that serves to keep the subconscious fertile.

I decided to take this into account with my meditations last night.  While we sleep, the subconscious has no conscious mind to act as gatekeeper.  With meditation, I decide what to plant.  And once it’s planted with all of the ingredients necessary to make the garden grow, I simply let the seed grow.  No need to dig it up to see if it’s working.  If the environment is primed to keep it nourished, nature will do the rest.

I have a number of works I’m going to prime up on this front, some for myself, some for the hopes I wish to see in the world.  That’s what magic is for, after all.  We co-create with the God/dess, in perfect love and in perfect trust.  Combined with the Taoist principles I’ve been soaking in, I’m creating a more fertile garden which will, in turn, create me anew in the spirit of my God/dess.  Taoism helps me to keep my balance, for which I am grateful, especially these days.  But I’m a sorceress at heart.  A mystic.  A witch.  A healer.  A teacher.  And ever a student.

I’m ready to begin again, God/dess.  I surrender my fears, open my heart, and accept your blessings with love and gratitude.

How may I serve?

15 thoughts on “Into the Circle

  1. A wonderful post, as ever, Emily. There’s certainly no need for you to apologise, I found your midterm election posts fascinating. Speaking as a Brit, I can tell you that people everywhere are deeply troubled by all that is happening with Trump (even though we’ve got fair few issues of our own). Sometimes it almost seems too far-fetched to be real and, from the outside, it’s difficult to believe what is happening to you. President Obama was very much liked over here. He was so… well, presidential. Trump is more like a comic strip character come to destroy the world. We just hope that a super hero (or heroine) arrives before things get completely out of hand! 💜💛💚

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  2. Hi Emily,
    I quite understand your post, but I can’t help but doubt about some parts of it. You write: “My thoughts direct how my life unfolds, and I’d much rather be a lady in full control than a fearful bitch backed into a corner”.
    If this works for you, then congratulations :) But I have known enough fearful bitches backed in a corner, having lovely, really sweet-hearted and really high thoughts, who never, ever, become – or became – ladies or anything remotely similar.
    If our thoughts could direct how our lives unfold, this world would turn upside down. Too many people with nice thoughts are sunk and broken every single day. I can’t see anywhere that thoughts of bitches have much utility against abuse and misery. I wish I could buy this, but I can’t. I cannot.

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    • All I can really tell you is that we are here to overcome obstacles. Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re absolutely right. I never said it was easy. My understanding of the lives we lead and the people who play a part requires a far longer blog post. It’s the result of many lessons learned, and the knowledge of many lessons that I am currently learning. I hope someday you’ll be in a position to see things differently. Perception defines reality. Breaking perception is easier said than done.

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      • Oh, but I am really in aposition to see things differently.
        Maybe change of perception can change reality for some, but Not often for fearful bitches. To these, breaking perception usually means a punch in the eye and losing sight. Tell them to just try to overcome this obstacle. Indeed, this is easier said than done.

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        • You might be surprised. Being in a position to see things differently doesn’t mean automatically seeing differently. And seeing differently doesn’t mean being able to change your circumstances. It’s about understanding the lessons and enduring. There’s a book I’d recommend: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Short read, but not an easy one. It’ll offer a great deal of perspective, though, on just what it means to rise above a personal hell.

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