About Me

Now that you found my little corner of the Omniverse, welcome!

Who Am I?

That seems like a sensible question to start, yes?  I’m generally against labels, but I seem to classify with a lot of them, so let me go through a small list for you.  I am…

an autodidact — Most of what I’ve learned in life is self-taught.  The learning never stops in my world.

neurodivergent — I deal with a low level autism known as sensory processing disorder, or SPD.  I hear frequencies (not volumes) above and below the normal human range and am hypersensitive to all sounds as well as to bright light.  Mostly it’s hell in our noisy world, but the experience of music and art is most sublime.

a pantheist — Due to certain experiences in my life, I’ve come to understand that all of the world’s religions and myths are true, from a certain point of view (none of which are dogmatic or literal).  Each one is like seeing one facet of a gemstone, revealing something about ourselves and our place in the grand scheme.  I will also add that as a result of those experiences, I’m also beyond conversion.  Mine is an eclectic path, forged largely from Western paganism and Eastern Taoism, with a dash of this, that, and the other thrown in where it makes sense to me.

transgender — I stepped out of the closet on this site in May 2018.  There may be references here and there in older posts to my former name and identity, which some may still use.  I’ve worked towards personal transformation from the inside out since I was little in an effort to become comfortable in my own skin.  I’m quite secure in who I am, even if I don’t deal well sometimes with why or how.  Such things are complicated enough without dumping rocket fuel on raw emotions, mine or yours.  As such, I won’t get bent out of shape regarding names or pronouns so long as you’re friendly and are willing to open up to such ideas over time.  In openness, we overcome fear and prejudice in all matters.

Some other ideas about me that require less explanation — having lived the majority of my life in seclusion from noise, I’ve learned to find peace in the solitude of books, music, films, and art… with a little help from noise cancelling headphones.  Blogging is one of the means by which I express myself and the primary means by which I connect with others.  I’ve also been known to engage in journaling, calligraphy, drawing, painting, clarinet, ocarina, Celtic baby harp, digital piano, story writing, dramatic performance (dabbling in Shakespeare, etc.), Angelology, and the art of Medieval arms in the model of Fiori dei Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia.

I am an ever-continuing student of histories, theologies, and the humanities.  I make no claims to being any good at any of it.  As a creature of contradiction, I might deep dive into any given subject for long stretches of time, or I can be just as flighty and dance across the surfaces of many ideas at a time when the mood strikes.

Before I stepped out, I followed a ten-point code of chivalry.  Today, the whole of my code is love, hope, and compassion.  As with anything else, I’m only human, and such ideas are always works in progress.  The important thing is to keep moving towards the ideal.  I believe in the ideal of IDIC — Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination — as expressed on the classic television series Star Trek.

If you will accept these ideas of me, then I bid you welcome and introduce myself.  I am properly addressed as Lady Emily Rose of Glencoe, knightmaiden-errant, spiritual seeker, mystic, and student of far too many paths.  I’ll hold virtually no one to remembering any of that.

Friends can call me Emily.  It’s my pleasure to meet you.

This site is the majority of my digital footprint on the interwebs. You will not find me on any of the major social media sites. Or many of the minor ones, for that matter. Those things have their places, but they’re not for me. I find I’m happier and far more productive without that level of distraction and time sync.


Site Content

I love to write. In writing, I discover what it is I truly believe about a given topic, and I allow myself the freedom to explore, to develop, and to clarify such ideas.  This, in turn, will lead to other ideas.  I’ve encountered so many wonderful people and ideas out in the blogosphere.

There are a great many reviews on here for books or movies, and I’ve started blogging about music in my collection as well. You can also expect to find blog posts about pretty much anything and everything I encounter in the world, up to and including my own internal struggles with intent to work through them rather than dwell in them.  Expect random updates when they happen.  I have various “project blog” series in the works here that I post about at irregular intervals. The nature of the beast is that I frequently lose myself in “rabbit hole” level research expeditions. When I hit a dead end or burn myself out, I renew my enthusiasm by simply dropping down into a different rabbit hole, even if only for a short time. In time, I’ll have sorted out the original issue and will return to it in due course. The learning never stops, and the fruits of my labors are often chronicled here.

For an example of what you might find here, I offer a list of my 50 favorite books.

My principle creative heroes are George Lucas, Walt Disney, and J. R. R. Tolkien.  There are so many others, of course — Orson Welles, John Williams, Ludwig Van Beethoven, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Mary Shelley, Edith Wharton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the list keeps going.

And yes, for those of you who know how much Tolkien despised Disney, I realize the irony.  :)

Again, welcome to my world. Please explore, leave comments, or contact me directly if you’re so inclined. Have questions? Ask me anything. Just be certain you want the answer. If you like what you read, please feel free to say so.  Who doesn’t like a compliment here and there?  You can also click that subscribe button on the site’s sidebar to follow along if you’re so inclined. Above all: please enjoy.

Thank you for reading.  Whoever you are, know that you are loved and appreciated.