About Me

Now that you found me, welcome to my little corner of the Omniverse!

So who am I? I’m Troy. All others are either imposters or clones. I’m the real one… I think. Maybe. In real life I reside in Dallas, Texas, but I grew up in the middle of nowhere with characters from books and film as my constant companions. No complaints, no regrets. As a result of this, I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf on both sides of the screen.

Accordingly, you will not find me on any of the major social media sites. Or any of the minor ones, for that matter.Those things have their places, but they’re not for me.  I’m here at this site, nowhere else, and I have nothing to sell.  Yet.  Someday I might.

[EDIT: I’m now back on Goodreads after having left it behind years ago.]

My first memory of life is Star Wars on the big screen, opening day. Pretty much all of my diverse interests — which I blog about here — can be traced back to that in one way or another. Storytelling, art, music, radio drama, swordfighting, the hero’s journey, knighthood, magic (by any name you want to call it), spiritualism… it all started for me with the Galaxy Far, Far Away. George Lucas has been a mentor to me as much as anyone else.


J. R. R. Tolkien is a very close second, having reinforced all of this with Middle-Earth. I tend to think of his work as the graduate-level studies for everything Lucas taught me.


I’ve been an amateur medievalist for over a decade now, constantly looking into the history, literature, music, food, customs, and fighting styles of that era. Yes, I am a swordfighter. Real swords, real armor, real fun.  I am nowhere near as serious about it as most of the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) practitioners out there, but I do find it to be of benefit to me on a great many levels.


I don’t use the shield when I’m fighting, but it seems only right to have one with my crest on it. I feel like I’ve earned it, at least a little bit.

My fighting style involves Fiore dei Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia (Flower of Battle), or Flos Duellatorum, both manuals having been illuminated by the maestro near the beginning of the 15th century. I began training with the Schola St. George in 2010. That was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. These days I am a solo practitioner due to circumstance, but I still armor up for combat fun when the opportunity presents itself.


I operate by my own Code of Chivalry, inspired by the Codes of old to keep me aspiring ever higher to greater and more meaningful levels.  The understanding is that we can never truly attain perfection, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t keep striving for it.

My interests tend to end up all over time, space, and the Omniverse. The Medieval and Renaissance eras just seem to be sort of my current home away from home when I’m not involved in one of my various other happy places. Let’s face it, I’ll explore nearly anything (within reason) given enough time to do so.

I’m an enthusiast in the worlds of art, books, film, and music. As I see it, all of these things tie in together. I consider myself to be a student of many religions, though I am not truly aligned with any of them. It’s all part of the ongoing quest to explore the human spirit.

You can expect to find blogs about all of these things here on my site. Please feel free to explore, leave comments, and above all enjoy.  Thanks for reading!