About Me

Now that you found my little corner of the Omniverse, welcome!

Who Am I?

That seems like a sensible question to start, yes? I’m just me. All others are either imposters or clones. I’m the real one… I think. Maybe. On my side of the screen, I reside in Texas, after growing up in the middle of nowhere with a pile of books and movies to occupy my imagination. As a result of this foundational solitude, and as a side effect of SPD (sensory processing disorder), I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf on both sides of the screen.

This site is the majority of my digital footprint on the interwebs. You will not find me on any of the major social media sites. Or many of the minor ones, for that matter. Those things have their places, but they’re not for me. I find I’m happier and far more productive without that level of distraction and time sync.

Site Content

I love to write. In writing, I discover what it is I truly believe about a given topic, and I allow myself the freedom to explore and to clarify such ideas, which in turn will lead to other ideas.

There are a great many reviews on here for books or movies, and I’ve started blogging about music in my collection as well. You can also expect to find blog posts about pretty much anything and everything I encounter in the world. I have various “project blog” series in the works here that I post about at irregular intervals, as well as random updates about whatever’s up in my life at any given time. The nature of the beast is that I frequently lose myself in “rabbit hole” level research expeditions. When I hit a dead end or burn myself out, I renew my enthusiasm by simply dropping down into a different rabbit hole, even if only for a short time. In time, I’ll have sorted out the original issue and will return to it in due course. The learning never stops, and the fruits of my labors are typically chronicled here.

Again, welcome to my world. Please explore, leave comments, or contact me directly if you’re so inclined. Have questions? Ask me anything. Just be certain you want the answer. If you like what you see, feel free to click the subscribe button on the site’s sidebar to follow along. Above all: enjoy.

Thanks for reading.