I’m Still Here

Aside from the weekly Tolkien post, it's been a few days since I've published anything on this site.  What happened?  Where have I been? Well... I have to be honest here.  I've been working and reworking that first review for A New Hope.  You'd think this would be easy.  Not so much.  I've taken eight distinctly … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Happy Star Wars Day!

It's the holiday born of a pun: "May the Fourth be with you."  It's a little cheesy, but any excuse to celebrate the Wars is perfectly fine by me.  I even enjoy Revenge of the Fifth and Revenge of the Sixth (always two, there are!).  Star Wars works great in trilogies.  Even so, I'm old school.  Generation one.  For … Continue reading Happy Star Wars Day!

Personal Updates

A lot of little stuff is happening in my world, so it's time to sort it out.  If you've followed me here for a while, you know this happens from time to time when things get squirrelly. First and foremost, Helena is still missing.  It's been just over a week now, but given the geography … Continue reading Personal Updates