Book Updates

I've got so many books in the works, it's making my head spin.  My own fault.  No one to blame but myself.  And it's a good problem to have.  Since I have so many bibliophiles in my little circle, thought I'd share some thoughts on what's in progress for those who might be interested. The … Continue reading Book Updates

RIP, Chuck Berry

It's unlike me, but I've let the entire weekend go by without tribute a fallen legend.  I got the word early Saturday evening that the great Chuck Berry has passed on, age 90.  I remember last year the internet was on fire regarding David Bowie and Prince.  Say what you will, those guys would have … Continue reading RIP, Chuck Berry

DSO – Brahms 2

Another lazy Sunday, and another trip to the Dallas Symphony.  Hard to beat that.  The program was as follows: JAAP VAN ZWEDEN conducts ALEXANDER KERR violin PROKOFIEV - Concerto No. 1 in D major for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 19 BRAHMS - Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73 As much as I love to delve … Continue reading DSO – Brahms 2