Sidereal Astrology – Meaning, Birth, Chart, and Liberation Power

Sidereal Astrology – Meaning, Birth, Chart, and Liberation Power

Since ancient times, people all around the world have believed in Astrology. Either you want to get knowledge about your future, your strengths and weaknesses, or you are to decide on an important affair, you prefer going to astrologers. With various beliefs, religions, and customs present, astrology also has different types like sidereal and western astrology. No one is under any pressure to follow a specific type of astrology. Still, in the majority of the western parts of the world, the western system of astrology is dominating, whereas sidereal astrology is common in the eastern side of the world.

What is True Sidereal Astrology

Ancient astrologers observed the shiny, glittering sky and discovered 88 constellations of unequal sizes. The sidereal astrology is based on the position of some of these star constellations relative to the sun, the earth, and other planets. Independent of the sizes of these constellations, the celestial sphere is divided into 12 equal parts. Each part is 30 degrees and makes the 12 zodiac signs of sidereal astrology. Sidereal astrologers make their calculations according to the sun’s position relative to the constellations at the time when the early morning sun rises in the night sky.

What is True Sidereal Astrology?

True sidereal astrology means there are different and unequal sizes of each constellation. In reality, the fixed sizes of star constellations are not 30 degrees wide; they vary in the range between 13 degrees to 51 degrees.

In this way, the theory of the earth’s wobbling about its axis is opposed by true sidereal astrology. As a result, your natal chart (related to your birth time and birthplace) also gets affected.

The Thirteenth Zodiac Sign

The thirteenth zodiac sign is Ophiuchus, also known as the forgotten constellation. A man with a snake represents it, called a serpent bearer. If it were a part of the zodiac wheel, its place would have been between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The time when the sun passes in front of the Ophiuchus is from 30th November to 18th December. Babylonians discovered the Ophiuchus about 3000 years ago. They were the first to recognize 12 constellations. They also saw Ophiuchus but, to keep a balance with 12 months, they didn’t include the 13th constellation.

The Traits Of Each Sidereal Sign

  • Aries: Aries are full of positivity, have high energy, and are known for honesty. In contrast, they are stubborn, arrogant, and do not like to be dictated by anyone. Impulsiveness is the most negative trait in Aries.
  • Taurus: A Taurus is very supportive, intelligent, and romantic. In contrast, a toxic thing about them is their stubbornness. They do not get comfortable with quick changes easily.
  • Gemini: Geminis like adventures and colorful life. When it comes to adapt new things, they show great flexibility. Sometimes they show hasty and emotional behavior.
  • Cancer: People with cancer star possess oceans of love and care. Something scary about them is that they have strong control over their emotions. Especially when it comes to love, they can do anything to seek attention and feel secure. Their sense of humor is at the next level, and their minds are full of creativity.
  • Leo: These lion-hearted people own emotional attachments with close relatives. Leos are good entertainers, but, sadly, they get jealous easily and sometimes talk bluntly.
  • Virgo: Worthy of their zodiac sign, Virgos are quite humble and kind. They are often under mental stress, for they are quick thinkers. They know the art of understanding different situations and show practical behavior towards life. To run to fix everything is their weakness; even when they cannot fix something, they would try to fix it after realizing their mistake.
  • Libra: Libras are friendly people. With their charming personality, they keep balance with almost everything. They lack decision-making power and have over positivity, which may cause harm. Peace in their surroundings matters the most to them.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios are famous for being mysterious. Moreover, fearlessness is in their blood. Other traits include boldness, being passionate, and jealousy.
  • Sagittarius: People with Sagittarius as their sidereal zodiac are full of enthusiasm. They do not like strict behaviors. They can lose temper easily, so it’s better not mess up with them.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns are so courageous when it comes to achieving goals. In addition to not giving up on anything, they do not mind working hard to get their aims. Their weaknesses include being fussy, moody, and unforgiving.
  • Aquarius: If your sidereal zodiac is Aquarius, good news for you, you like new ideas. You look forward to making progress and working with open-mindedness. You like to do your job independently, but it’s only good if not a group work.
  • Pisces: They love to create happiness around them. Pisces is the kindest and gentle among all the sidereal zodiac signs. In some cases, they show negativity, laziness and can be clingy.
  • Ophiuchus: People with the Ophiuchus star sign would be much more courageous to gather knowledge if it were a part of the zodiac wheel. They would be clever, humorous, and emotional at the same time.

What is my Sidereal Sign?

What is my Sidereal Sign

We can use a sidereal chart to figure out your sidereal zodiac sign.

Sidereal sign

Birth date:
April 21 – May 12
May 13 – June 19
June 20 – July 16
July 17 – Aug 6
Aug 7 – Sep 14
Sep 15 – Nov 3
Nov 4 – Nov 22
Nov 23 – Dec 6
Dec 7 – Dec 18
Dec 19 – Jan 19
Jan 20 – Feb 13
Feb 14 – March 9
March 10 – April 20

What Does A Sidereal Birth Chart Tell You?

A sidereal birth chart provides a helpful delineation of signs, planets, and other aspects. It is an ultimate guide for evaluating your zodiac sign based on your natal conditions, the position of planets, and the sun.

By going through the content visible in this chart, you can find out about houses, signs, planets, and under which constellation you are born.

Should You Rely On Sidereal Astrology Or Tropical Astrology?

It’s totally up to you because both systems are reliable. A western astrologer uses tropical astrology while sidereal astrologers use the sidereal system. Both of the systems have some issues.

As the tropical system is based on seasons, the problem arises because seasons are flipped in the northern and southern hemispheres. The issue with the sidereal system is that the constellations do not perfectly line up with signs. The results are satisfying in either of the two systems, so it’s your choice.

What’s the Difference Between Sidereal and Tropical Astrology?

What's the Difference Between Sidereal and Tropical Astrology
  1. The tropical zodiac system is based on tropical year (i.e., 365 days), while the sidereal system of astrology is based on sidereal year (i.e., 365.24219402 days exactly).
  2. The tropical system is used in Western astrology, but the Sidereal system is used in Vedic astrology.
  3. The tropical zodiac signs are placed according to the sun’s position on the ecliptic. The zodiac signs in the sidereal system are set according to the fixed star constellations.
  4. The tropical system of astrology is dependent on equinoxes, whereas the sidereal system is based on the precession of equinoxes.

The Differences Between Vedic and Western Astrology.

An ancient Indian science that explains the motion and position of planets relative to time is called Vedic astrology. It also explains the effect of this motion and position on humans and other systems on earth. Vedic astrology uses sidereal astrology as its basis. Following the laws of nature, the sidereal astrologers use actual positions of constellations to determine the positions of planets.

Western astrology is widely used in western countries. It depends on the sun’s position, the autumnal and vernal equinox, the solstices, and the earth’s tilt on its axis. In contrast to the Vedic system, it uses the tropical system (i.e., fixed constellations) as its basis. Western astrology is historically based on Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos (2nd century CE), which was a continuation of Hellenistic and Babylonian traditions.

Vedic Astrology Uses a Different Calendar.

Vedic astrology uses the Hindu calendar, and sidereal zodiac sign names in Hindi are as follows:

Aries: Mesha
Taurus: Vrishaba
Gemini: Mithuna
Cancer: Karkata
Leo: Simha
Virgo: Kanya
Libra: Tula
Scorpio: Vrishchika
Sagittarius: Dhanus
Capricorn: Makara
Aquarius: Kumbha
Pisces: Meena

Vedic Astrology Speaks More to Your Karma and Dharma

Vedic Astrology Speaks More to Your Karma and Dharma

Vedic astrology is truly linked with the depth of life. Everything you do in your life, your deeds and life experiences, good or bad, tells about how your next life will be. Before coming into this world, one has to wait for the exact constellation of the star. This is the concept of karma in Vedic astrology.

Dharma is what your inner heart says. Everyone in this world has wishes and desires they want to achieve. On the one hand, your heart yearns to accomplish a goal, but on the other hand, society imposes some things on us to work for. Dharma only supports your hearty vocation, the purpose you want in your life. In this way, Vedic astrology helps one to know their goals. Dharma’s other things are one’s occupation, relationship with others, honor, character, status, power, and fame.

Vedic astrology has a different approach to retrogrades, sun signs, and rising signs

Vedic astrology gives less importance to one’s sun sign and more to his rising sign. Having a significant approach to retrogrades, it shares special aspects about planets.

Sidereal Zodiac/ Sidereal Astrology Resources

Astrology resources are much beneficial for confused people, especially those who are new to astrology. They include books, charts, online resources, etc.

Is Sidereal Astrology more Accurate?

Yes, sidereal astrology is more accurate because there are 365.24219402 days exactly in a sidereal year. Ancient astrologers also believed in sidereal astrology and used to give predictions according to it, which proved to be true.

Are Sidereal and Vedic Astrology the Same?

The word Vedic means ‘Hindu Scriptures’ from Vedas. Vedic astrology is similar to sidereal and uses sidereal or fixed star astrology as its basis. The only difference that we see here is that Vedic astrology is more precise to Hindus and has the Hindi calendar with star names in Hindi but is based on sidereal astrology in every other aspect.

Is Sidereal more Accurate than Tropical?

Sidereal is more accurate than tropical. A tropical year consists of whole 365 days. In comparison, a sidereal year consists of 365.24219402 days exactly. So sidereal astrology is more precise and accurate than tropical.

How is Sidereal Astrology Accurate when it s Based on the Fixed Stars are Always Moving

At the time of birth, natal charts are used to determine sidereal signs, and predictions are made. Just as stars are moving, so is the life of a person proceeding.

When a person grows, time passes, the star also moves, and now the predictions are made according to the new fixed position of the star. In reality, both the proceeding of life and the star’s movements are fixed concerning each other. This phenomenon makes sidereal astrology accurate.

Final word

Astrology serves as an ideal pathway to follow when you want to know yourself. When things seem complicated, take an astrology book or visit an astrologer or go through the astrology chart to catch a direction. Recognize your powers and abilities, overcome your weaknesses and follow your heart’s vocation. Tropical or sidereal, it’s fine which one you follow.

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