Missing: Helena

Helena bolted out the back door this morning.  She's always been fast, but this was crazy speedy.  I tried to circle around in the hopes of herding her back inside.  She did circle around, jumped the fence towards the front, and raced across the street.  I caught up to her as she hid under a … Continue reading Missing: Helena

Discussion Boards

Hey all, A little housekeeping.  A few of you are signed up on a couple of off-site discussion boards for Tolkien and/or 007 buddy reads.  It's been so long since these things were even active that I'm now considering just deleting them outright.  Less to keep up with that way, since nobody's using them. If anyone … Continue reading Discussion Boards

Say Hi to Helena

Some of you know I have a cat.  Helena was a rescue from the ASPCA, though who rescued whom is anyone's guess.  As remarkably well-behaved as she is, she's also incredibly fidgety, so getting a clear photo -- especially with my slower than slow phone camera -- is nothing short of a Herculean feat.  I've … Continue reading Say Hi to Helena


Another blog post over morning coffee.  If you've followed me long enough, you know this happens from time to time.  It helps me to sort out some things so I can focus. For those of you getting email updates: all of those backdated Audible reviews are finally posted.  As a reminder, the comments on those are closed because they're … Continue reading Forward!