John Williams and John Powell – Solo: A Star Wars Story

There's a new Star Wars film.  Perhaps you've heard something about it by now.  A new film means a new score.  For me, that's as exciting as the film itself, perhaps better. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second in the series of anthology films set outside of the numbered Skywalker films that comprise … Continue reading John Williams and John Powell – Solo: A Star Wars Story

DSO – Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert

A Note from the Composer: In creating the character Indiana Jones, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg introduced an enduring and much loved figure into the pantheon of fictional movie heroes.  Raiders of the Lost Ark was illuminated by the superb comedy-action performance of Harrison Ford and enlivened by the spirited direction of Steven Spielberg. Speaking … Continue reading DSO – Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert


There is a great disturbance in the Force. The soundtrack for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available for pre-order at several sites, to be released December 15.  I've already plunked down my money.  Of course I did.  Of course. There are currently no spoilerific track titles available that I've seen.  If there is a … Continue reading Pre-Order!

Actual Progress

You know what happens when the neighborhood is quiet over a weekend?  I'm able to think, and actual progress happens.  A few more weekends like this one, I might even have something interesting to offer on this blog for you to read. Saturday was all about monsters.  My writing partner and I have hammered (no pun intended) … Continue reading Actual Progress