New Bat-Music

I'm listening to the latest Cinematic Sounds Radio podcast, and they've got new music from composer Lorne Balfe's LEGO Batman.  As the host of the show Erik Woods says, "This score is just bonkers, in a good way."  It's a parody of every Batman score that's come before, up to and including Nelson Riddle's '66 version.  It's … Continue reading New Bat-Music

Bad Monkey!

I freely acknowledge that I'm up to my armpits in debt now.  Home repairs will cause that to happen.  I can't do anything about it except move on with my life.  That includes the idea of planning out how to pay for all that back there.  Thing is, I've moved past the stage of anger … Continue reading Bad Monkey!


Ever labor on something to the point where you miss the obvious?  I'm realizing this morning that I did that.  I did that big soundtrack end titles blog post yesterday, and while I'm proud of what I have there, I'm realizing all of these gems that I completely overlooked this time around even though I classify them as … Continue reading Afterthoughts