Temporary Success

The plumbers just left.  I should have hot water in 45 minutes or so. The repair is just temporary, sort of jury rigged like the Millennium Falcon.  Basically there's some hardware down there holding the pipes together so I can have hot and cold running water in the interim.  This hardware is designed to do … Continue reading Temporary Success

Big Pile of…

Thought I'd just share this because I can. This is the hole in the foundation in my garage where they're doing the repair.  The tunnel goes to the left in this picture about 10 feet or more.  The sheer amount of rebar that isn't there between the dirt and the foundation is... troubling.  That's what … Continue reading Big Pile of…

Even More Repairs

Yesterday was a complete clusterfuck. The plumber came out around 8:30 am and started doing some prep work for the repair to the water line, just to double check everything from the day before.  Mr. Rooter contracts out heavy labor such as digging and busting concrete out to a third party.  The plumber said that … Continue reading Even More Repairs

Catching Up

Think of this entry as an info dump so you know what's going on in my world. It's been brought to my attention that as I transfer over my reviews to this site, I've forgotten to put the star rating, and it seems that it's been missed.  Accordingly, I've gone through and edited every single … Continue reading Catching Up