In the Shadow of Frankenstein, edited by Stephen Jones

This anthology is, according to its introduction, the revised and updated version of The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein.  Whatever you want to call it, it's a collection of stories about one of the all-time greatest of classic monsters, and therefore irresistible to an old school monster kid like myself.  There are some names on this author list that stand … Continue reading In the Shadow of Frankenstein, edited by Stephen Jones

Faux Gaiman

I found this video this morning on the blog of Patrick Rothfuss.  It's awesome incarnate as such things tend to be when Neil Gaiman is involved.  And thus, I share.  If it can make my Friday morning better while I'm still waiting on the coffee to kick in, it can certainly amuse someone else too.  You're … Continue reading Faux Gaiman

Looking Ahead

After yesterday's shakeup and the looming cloud of uncertainty and/or futility (re: DOOM) that most people I know seem to be expressing, I spent last night doing some more soul searching.  Maybe I do this sort of thing too much.  Maybe that's what keeps me stuck.  That, and the fear that I really don't know … Continue reading Looking Ahead