RIP, Martin Landau

2017 claims yet another legend.  Actor Martin Landau has passed, age 89. For most old school sci-fi and film geeks like myself, the first roles that come to mind are those he did for Hitchcock's North by Northwest, Cleopatra, The Greatest Story Ever Told,  Mission: Impossible, and Space: 1999.  I always thought it was one … Continue reading RIP, Martin Landau

RIP, Adam West

I wasn't around yesterday to post when the news came pouring in.  And I mean poured.  Multiple friends texted and emailed to let me know Adam West had passed.  It was a short but noble battle with leukemia. Every time a legend like this leaves this world, I feel compelled to write something, and I … Continue reading RIP, Adam West

RIP, Chuck Berry

It's unlike me, but I've let the entire weekend go by without tribute a fallen legend.  I got the word early Saturday evening that the great Chuck Berry has passed on, age 90.  I remember last year the internet was on fire regarding David Bowie and Prince.  Say what you will, those guys would have … Continue reading RIP, Chuck Berry