RIP, Adam West

I wasn't around yesterday to post when the news came pouring in.  And I mean poured.  Multiple friends texted and emailed to let me know Adam West had passed.  It was a short but noble battle with leukemia. Every time a legend like this leaves this world, I feel compelled to write something, and I … Continue reading RIP, Adam West

RIP, Don Rickles

It's with great sadness that I convey on this news.  Don Rickles -- the master of insult comedy, legendary jester in the ranks of Frank Sinatra, and voice of Toy Story's Mr. Potato Head -- has passed.  He was less than a month from his 91st birthday, claimed by kidney failure. For what it's worth, my condolences to those … Continue reading RIP, Don Rickles

RIP, Chuck Berry

It's unlike me, but I've let the entire weekend go by without tribute a fallen legend.  I got the word early Saturday evening that the great Chuck Berry has passed on, age 90.  I remember last year the internet was on fire regarding David Bowie and Prince.  Say what you will, those guys would have … Continue reading RIP, Chuck Berry

RIP, John Hurt

It's already shaping up to be a bloodthirsty year.  That's the trouble with the perception of growing up with the legends of yesteryear.  Sooner or later, the wheel turns. This one's tough for me.  John Hurt was an amazing character actor whose work I've enjoyed since I first became aware of him, which was pretty … Continue reading RIP, John Hurt

2016 Claims Two More

Because this year isn't bloodthirsty enough... This morning we lost Tyrus Wong, who was the artist whose work inspired the Disney film Bambi.  He was 106. And fans of M*A*S*H will fondly remember Father Mulcahy.  William Christopher passed, age 84. 4 hours left.  Time to kill this year.