Updates and Feedback

Another site update.  I wanted to let people know, I've listened to your feedback and adjusted accordingly.  Thank you for your suggestions. To that end, the text on blog posts has been changed from light text on a dark background.  It's now black on a lighter background (still not white because that blinds me).  Should be … Continue reading Updates and Feedback

Coming Soon

There are a couple of site updates that I want to share with readers. As most are aware, the comments on blog posts here are set to close after 14 days.  The reason for this was due to some persistent hacking attempts through such comments.  After watching this for awhile and content that WordPress' defenses … Continue reading Coming Soon

Site Updates

Way back when I finished transferring my book reviews from other sites, I said I still had to do that with my Audible reviews.  I've been procrastinating on that something fierce.  I've decided that starting this morning, I'm going to push two or three of those through every weekday morning, maybe a couple more on … Continue reading Site Updates

Progress Report

I feel like I'm making some real progress on this site when it comes to the themed project blog posts.  Transferring posts over from Booklikes is still a tedious chore, but my day job is every bit as mind-numbing, and nowhere near as satisfying an accomplishment.  Which is to say I'm more than used to the drudgery, … Continue reading Progress Report