Random Fandom

The last few days, I've re-engaged with some things I love.  Thought I'd share. Now that we have three episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, I've seen a great many people relating it back to Deep Space Nine in regards to the idea of long story arcs.  It seems everyone credits DS9 with the beginnings of … Continue reading Random Fandom

Star Trek: Discovery – Desperate Hours by David Mack

Spoilers ahead.  If that matters, you've been warned. After yesterday's blog about my first reactions to the new Star Trek: Discovery, I decided I should check out this prequel novel that dropped from one of the franchise's regularly accoladed novelists, David Mack.  The historian's note confirms something that I should have known up front and needed to … Continue reading Star Trek: Discovery – Desperate Hours by David Mack

Star Trek: Discovery – First Reactions

The following post is rated S for spoilers.  I can't discuss this properly without going deep.  You've been warned. I've been hyper-critical.  I've been hopeful.  I've been nervous as hell.  It all comes down to this.  The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery have officially been released, the first one on CBS, the second on … Continue reading Star Trek: Discovery – First Reactions